FG suspends PTAD’s Director General Nellie Mayshak over alleged fraud

Nellie Mayshak and Nigerian Pensions Scam -2

Nellie Mayshak, PTAD’s Director General is a dirty, thieving cow. Allegedly.

It would seem our job at Viva Naija is to not only celebrate everything that is great about our nation but to also shine a spotlight on that which is bad and heartbreaking so that we might seek to improve. The power of technology means that if you harm Nigerians or our reputation, we can ensure that your name and deeds are broadcast as loudly as if we were trying to praise you. To that end, we bring you the names of noisemakers this week – loudest of them all, the brow-less wonder that is Nellie Mayshak.

Nellie Mayshak

It has been confirmed that Ms Mayshak has been suspended by the Federal Government from her role as Director General of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) following allegations that she is at the helm of a billion naira scam where she siphoned funds meant for pensioners to her private accounts. Sigh.

According to This Day, an online news portal, The Cable, which had first reported her suspension yesterday, said the development followed a damning audit report which uncovered an alleged scam running into billions of naira in PTAD.
Nellie Mayshak and Nigerian Pensions Scam

The agency is responsible for the pension administration of the Defined Benefit Scheme (DBS), and was established to address the numerous pensioners’ complaints that border on such issues as the non-payment of monthly pension, short payment of pension and gratuity, removal of name on pension payment voucher, non-payment of harmonised pension arrears, irregular payment of federal pensions and non receipt of pension after retirement, among others.

Nellie Mayshak sat at the top of this organisation and will be required to explain what happened to all this money.

The problem with Nigeria and the never-ending stories of fraud and corruption is that there is no such thing as a victim-less crime in Nigeria. This isn’t stealing from a nameless organisation or from the government’s slush fund. Every penny that Dasuki, Diezani or Nellie Mayshak steal WAS MEANT FOR SOMETHING.

Nellie Mayshak and Nigerian Pensions Scam -1
These are our fathers, Nellie Mayshak. Not begging for alms but for the sweat of their brow. Hang your head in shame – if you know the meaning of the word.
Nellie Mayshak and Nigerian Pensions Scam -2
The endless queues as our fathers wait to be given the news that Mayshak and her boys have made off with their money

Roads remain unfixed, no light, no fuel, no water, no health care, no primary education…and yet they keep stealing. We die in our thousands for lack of health care, and yet they keep stealing. Our fathers and mothers go hungry and perish, and yet they steal. It’s never enough, they never stop, they just transfer to the next person.

Step up and collect your prize, Ms Mayshak. You’re our Scum of the Week. For shame.

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