Find the Gain in the Pain


Find the gain in the pain

For many years, I had a phobia for swimming. I could barely wade my feet in a pool without being filled with dread.  When the kids came along, I enrolled on a mother and baby-swimming program with trepidation.  The program forced me to take the bull by the horn and learn how to swim.  My pain was the gain of my swimming instructor who became the person that conquered my fear of swimming.

See Beyond the Blur

Are we overlooking opportunities because we cannot see the pain?  In the world we live in, it is so easy to be consumed by how to survive and make headway in life. Our instant-microwave lifestyle has created a blur to the needs around us. We could easily forget the pain of other people out there and ignore the solution our talents and passion can provide.

The Power of Compassion

Compassion and consideration for others will bring to our attention the need for a solution. It enables us to look deep within and seek answers to problems we see in our world. Can you see the pain out there and are you thinking of how to solve them?

What Is Your Pain Point?

One of the best ways to become a solution provider is to identify your pain point.   What keeps you up at night, what problems can’t you ignore? For example – injustice, there are people all over the world fighting for the right of others. Trying to make things right be making time to find answers and solutions to the needs of others.

A Gain in the Blitz

The Food delivery service is a great example of a pain that became a gain.  According to history books, the food delivery service started during the Second World War to meet the needs of those who were affected by the blitz and left with no kitchen facilities.  The Women’s Volunteer Service was the pioneer of the service that has now spread worldwide to include local councils and even commercial businesses such as Hello Fresh, Diet Chef, big supermarkets and even Burger King.  Now you can order to a wide variety of cooked, uncooked and fast food meals without leaving your home – the pain is now a gain.  This phenomenon has been pushed even further by the likes of HungryHouse, Just Eat and others by providing a one-stop shop for ordering your take away meals online.  Pain is a Gain!

 “How Can You Help”?

Connect your passion with a problem out there. If you are already doing that, seek more variations of the problems you solve.   When we enlarge our minds to think beyond our personal needs, we become problem solvers who desire to make the world a better place.

Your solutions could meet a need within your local community, or the world at large. You could develop a product that solves a problem for a specific demography in your city. My question to you is – are you overlooking the pain and the gain within?

What Solutions Are Within You?

If you want to find out how to link your passion and talent to a solution, book a FREE Exploration Session with me to explore the potential and opportunities out there.  Your talent could bring in another income stream for you, or add another feather to your philanthropy cap.

I am cheering you on.

Business Blessings

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