First working Monday of the year got us giving side eyes like these legendary people

Michelle Obama giving you the stink eye over and over again.

It’s Monday. I’m fatter, my sleep schedule is MASH UP, and I’m unable to cope with other humans wanting stuff from me. This means that all that will happen today is side-eye upon side-eye followed by a lot of internal cussing.

But epic side-eyes take practice and are not for the faint-hearted, so to help me with my week’s mission as well as my general mood, I brought you some goodies.

Ain’t I just everything?

1. This uncle is a corner eye LEGEND. Even his body is giving the side eye.

black man giving Halloween coupleside eye

2. Thank God I’ve graduated. I’m done here. Cos these people…

Black man giving side eye at graduation


3. The man is saying to the security “No answer o. No just answer at all”

man security lady side eye corn horse


4. “Is this girl alright at all??”

weird white girl butterfly side eye


5. Train woman’s side-eye is already everything, but my favourite part of this shot is the black man in the passing train like “Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?!”

woman train dog wig side eye


6. “This isn’t life. This can’t be life.” And as for the girl in the background laughing, you’re not good kobo.

white man in hi underpants on public transport black man side eye


7. “Common tyre, you can’t change. Only to take picture you know. See dem.”

black man changing tyre of white girls


8. “Shebi it’s to collect salary at month end? No problem.”

side eye man at work office party


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