Fulani Herdsmen: If Buhari’s got ear, let him hear


Afolake Efosa Ojumu Oyofo

Fulani herdsmen

Enugu Spring: Please if anyone on Social Media has Pres Buhari’s ear, tell him the atmosphere is ugly! The 2010 Arab Spring flashpoint by the macabre suicide of a poor Tunisian Mohamed Boazizi comes to mind. It triggered the unsettling of eight countries, toppled five governments, terminated succession ambitions in four, killed Ghadafi and is why Syria is still at war.

The Arab Spring was not about religion. It was the overkill reaction to a perceived impervious government by a long suffering people and accumulated attrition over the years before it exploded. It was an inherited ‘transferred aggression’. You are welcome to draw whatever parallels and possibilities.

If Arase needs to be sacked, Amen. Since May 29th, not one single herdsman has been convicted of murder (Pl we don’t wanna hear the history). By deductive reasoning: The corpses are physical evidence. Therefore, produce their killers. If they were shot, trace who issued the arms and ammunition. If they aren’t licensed to bear certain arms, arrest them proactively. Your witnesses are the survivors. 0% excuse for failure.

Loot is recoverable, lives aren’t. I want the IGP to know that we aren’t all distracted by EFCC, CCT and co. I’m looking out for the imminent raw danger posed to my people. If the IGP can’t id the perps, I might infer that he is incompetent or complicit. If so, be thou banished sir.

My General, I love you and plead that you not be lulled into a false sense of security because the tide is turning. Let’s also set the ‘Kaduna Mafia’ and ‘Old boys brigade’ aside. If they were so powerful and relevant, you would have been President in 2003.
For 13 years, you aspired and worked to become President. Avoid GEJ’s fate by listening to your real people, us.

This is the time for definitive action, to put a stop to this nonsense, to call order.

Muhammadu Buhari
Image Credit: Mike Asukwo

Listen. Listen well lest Nigerians resort to carrying arms in self defence… not only are we volatile by nature, we will go on to own 6 guns apiece (cell phone tradition). Result: Armageddon.

We should be who count and matter. We ran around mustering support for your success and at the very least, you owe us for the vested love, confidence and trust.

You are reputed to mind neither oxen nor gore. You are an ex-military officer. You are intelligent. You are the Boss.
You swore to protect us. Don’t tell us how and why… Do it.

Afolake Efosa Ojumu Oyofo 

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  1. Mr President said on vanguard news on April 26, 2016 and I quote I belong to no one. I belong to everyone. But permit me to clarify that my government is doing everything possible to stall my tribesmen from getting overly angry and inflicting small injuries on Enugu people. Recall that during the last presidential elections, Enugu State voted for PDP. The numbers they churned out nearly made me lose the election until we deployed Kano Strategy. (But I don’t know how true this statement is)…

    Prayer Points..
    Every evil hidden agenda of this present administration to enslaved the good people of the eastern part of Nigeria and the entire south in the name of they didn’t vote for them, JESUS Christ expose their plan and I demand, O God, my father arise in your anger and avenge the blood of the innocent souls that where killed by Mr President tribesmen now, in JESUS mighty name.

    O God, every statement that is made by Mr President which is responsible for all the killings in Nigeria and sudden poverty all over the land, this very moment, I demand let that statement no longer hold water by the blood of JESUS Christ and let their be sudden peace in Nigeria in JESUS mighty name.

  2. The fulani-man has nothing to do with ur “Enugu Spring”. Recall 911? No Jew was killed or at work at the trade towers yet, the event was credited to the Arabs – Bin Laden & co. Somebody somewhere needs a cheap agent for his mission. Be wise.

  3. These Idiots come on this platform with all kinds of fake identities! This one calls himself “viva naija” but tell me, doesn’t this silly post contradict his nomenclature? It’s so appalling, how these supposed Nigerians can be lured with anything at all, to turn against their land, as though they have any other country. I suppose, for our eastern brothers and sisters, they think they have got Biafra!!

    • Mr Frank, frankly speaking, no religion war can happen in this country. Boko haram failed to achieve what it meant for. In my own part of d country, no religion can make us kill ourselves. When pple talked about Islamising d country, my pple will tell u, it is not possible. I wondered why d Zone with about 99.9% christian population will be talking about one person turning d nation into a muslim state or talking about religion war. D herdmen problem is not a religion thing or ethnic thing, rather, it is an economic thing. We can collectively find solution to d problem.

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