How to get the perfect smokey eye effect [WATCH]

Smokey eye makeup tutorial

For my girls who love makeup and can do a little sorcery and come out looking like a million pounds, the smokey eye look is a must for that dramatic event, that evening when you need the room to stand still and watch you as you glide in.

I have to say that makeup bores me to tears. I have had the same routine for the last decade, and I must admit that my least skill is the eye area. I watch women with sultry eyes and “oju to n’soro – eyes that speak to you” with pure envy and vow to learn, but every time I sit with a tutorial, my eyes just glaze over. So many products and brushes! Can’t I just wake up fabulous?? Why is life like this sef?

Anyway, I picked this video because I love the colour of her skin. I think a lot of us are this…neither here nor there colour that these earthy tones can work for. High yellow or shining black gals…I’m gonna have to source other videos for y’all.

Also, I love the ease of the products. Most of us can get our hands on the Sleek palette and a few eye brushes. The price is also easy on the eye. Ahem.

Finally, I watched a few videos before making my choice and this was by far the quickest. Unless you’re thinking to be a makeup artist or an Instagram model (no, I’ve no idea what they actually do for a living either), makeup should not take up your entire day. This looks pretty easy to learn, and I figure if you want a more dramatic look, you just put more…kohl? Is that what the charcoal is called? Ehen, more kohl.

Here you go, ladies. I posted this early on purpose so you can get some practice in before Friday night shenanigans. Gitchu some! Thank you, Natalie KayO of Yahoo Lifestyle UK Girls. 

Click on image to watch the tutorial:

Smokey eye makeup tutorial



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