Gov El-Rufai moves Kaduna a step forward with Ethiopia Airlines deal

El-Rufai and Ethioopian Airlines

As Ethiopian Airlines launched their new regular international route between Kaduna and Ethiopia, a smiling Gov El-Rufai led a delegation of government officials on the inaugural flight.

Mallam fought for this ooo!

Earlier this year, once Ethiopian Airlines agreed to fly to Kaduna Airport while the Abuja runway was being repaired, Gov El Rufai began negotiating and talking with the airline about regular international flights to Kaduna.

This new route makes life a lot easier for passengers from (for example) Europe going to North West Nigeria. Hop on a London – Addis Ababa – Kaduna flight, and continue any onward overland journey from there instead of Abuja. It will make Kaduna the regional transportation hub.

Jobs. Investment. Economic boost. Restaurants. Hotels. Transportation. IGR. All these will potentially receive a boost by this ‘small but huge’ act.

These are the kind of economic actions Governors should take to boost their states.

Good governance is not rocket science.

Please note that this move makes good economic sense for Kaduna. Kaduna is already a regional hub for the region. The existing airport was upgraded by the Federal Government because of Abuja’s closure.

This article is, however, not advocating the building of airports willy-nilly. It would NOT be economically sensible for the Ogun State or Ebonyi State governor to build white elephant project airports that hardly anyone will use; edifices and projects which simply gulp state funds.

Each Governor must find and fund the projects that will add value to their states.

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