HAHAHA! 20 of the best street signs we’ve ever seen!


There is nothing more beautiful than British humour – precise, neat, no swearing, but so so funny! We found some of the best public signs and they were so funny, we decided to share with you. We threw in a couple of American ones too so our cousins from across the pond won’t feel bad, but seriously…#TeamBritain!


1. Bacon is bae.



2. When the British apologise for securing their property



3. Profound words of…madness early morning from the people at the London Underground



4. At least now we know who is in charge 😆



5. As in…nobody cares where you and little Hugo are going, JUST DRESS GO LEFT abeg!



6. We don’t even understand why this has to be a sign. Why?



7. Well, damn.



8. This is nothing but the truth: a few minutes of excitement followed by LOTS of queueing



Not 10,525 coins; not 10,527. But 10,526 pound coins.


It is important to know the difference.



I don’t blame you jare, fine boy. Me sef I’ve forgotten!





Noooooo! To other people?? No, don’t do this to me!



A please? A command? Either way, we co-sign.



I mean…pizza is also pretty good…









Wand Erection. Ugh.



Haha. Jeremy Clarkson is such a goat.






And finally, the best of the best. NO to Daily Mail. Daily Mail is the devil. The end.

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