Happy Nigerian Independence Day! Some of our fave ads and banners from the day


Nigerian Independence Day has been and gone with mixed feelings. There is no one who believes that Nigeria is where it should be at 56 years except maybe Buhari ?. But still we celebrate because…what else is there to do? Somebody sha cannot come and go and kill themselves because a country isn’t doing well? And besides, we’re still standing, right?

Apart from the obligatory jollof rice and fowl, Nigerian Independence Day is also an excuse for graphic designers and art directors to flex their creative muscles. How best can you celebrate Nigeria if not with words and graphics? Well, we’ve picked some of our favourites, and some of them are bloody amazing!

Our Favourite!

I am not even sure that this was art directed, but it is so poignant, so true and so perfect in its illustration of Nigeria since independence that I simply cannot fault it:

Naija – blind and immobile since 1960

It’s ingenious. It’s inspired. All of it.   My country, blind and immobile since 1960. And the background is perfection: mildew on the ground, a well in the background. This, a scene in 2016 Nigeria. But look – the citizen continues to stand at attention; paying salute to the nation that has long wallowed in mediocrity and just-not-quite-good-enough. I LOVE IT. All of it.

Our Runners Up

1. A perfect combination of truth, wit and right timing. Created by @7interative



2. When I tell you we have gifted, young minds in that country Nigeria! This is a mock advert created by an O2 Academy student, Lagos, known as Mayor 1. This one using the well know reaction for Dettol and water is all sorts of awesome. Reminds me of all things childhood and trying to have a wash before school. And how exactly does one make a Dettol-shaped Nigeria??nigeria-independence-day-dettol


Alcoholics Anonymous

The kind of adverts, banners and copy that alcoholic beverages come up with alone is almost a good excuse to start drinking! Always funny, always inspired, always right on the money. Here are Johnnie Walker’s and Jameson Irish Whiskey’s contributions to the Nigerian Independence Day parole:

Jameson Irish Whiskey – ain’t that seal just EVERYTHING??



The Jury’s Out

These all got us “Whhhhoooo…woooow…wait, hold up…is this…? Not sure,” but we would love to know what you think:

1. We were really liking this one for it’s cultural diversity and ethnic flowz until someone in the office said “This should have been an ad made by Yomi Casual, not a bank lol!” SMH. Chill deficient. Just chill deficient. Anyway, me sha, I like it.



2. I mean…I get it, the straw is bowing, but abeg…



3. I am actually loving the work by PURESIGHT.01 but bad belle people here in the office don’t care for it ?. Because of small nakedness o. The beef is real, but the work is pure. I’m here for it. nigeria-independence-day-puresight-ii nigeria-independence-day-puresight-0-1



4. It’s…nice. It’s…I mean, it’s nice.nigeria-independence-day-malta-guinness-ii


The Rest

These are the rest of our favourites. We couldn’t quite categorise them but they made us pretty happy, so here you go. Happy Independence Day, Nigeria. Try and let your sense catch up with your years. Amen.

Not artwork, but a poignant message all the same – Nigerian students celebrating Independence Day outside Nigeria House in London – 1960

nigeria-independence-day-oando-oil-and-gas-energy nigeria-independence-day-three-crowns-milk nigeria-independence-day-x3m-ideas

I don’t even get this one. As in…56…old, abi? Ugh.

nigeria-independence-day-gotv nigeria-independence-day-inlaks-computers

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