Humans of New York journalist pens an open letter to Donald Trump

Humans of New York
brandon stanton - Humans of New York
Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York

Americans have been giving me the heebie jeebies for a while now. All I hear is complaints about how utterly useless and dangerous Donald Trump is. I hear it on the Daily Show, I see it all over my timeline, Buzzfeed is all over it with witty video clips of each time Drumpf has fluffed  response or just straight outright lied. And then the scores come in and Trump has excelled in yet another state!!

I know that this signifies that I don’t know (m)any imbeciles and I do not watch Fox News. It also means that I would probably dropkick Stacey Dash in the throat if I were to ever chance upon her, but away from these violent fantasies, this still doesn’t explain what to do about the Trump incline.

So when Brandon Stanton, the photographer and journalist behind Humans of New York wrote an open letter to Trump on his wildly popular Facebook page, it filled me with delight and hope that perhaps there just might be enough sane Americans to stem this tide of stupidity sweeping America.

We’re still in the preliminaries and the violence and prejudice has started already. Trump continues to incite hatred and racism and for some reason, this is legal and allowed in the States. Fix up, Americans – DON’T LET DONALD TRUMP WIN. IT WILL BE VERY. VERY. BAD.


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