iLaff with MC Abbey brings kolo mental behaviour back to the UK!

iLaff With MC Abbey Scottish Kilt

When MC Abbey came to the UK last year with his new vision, we were sceptical. Creating wholesome comedy with iLaff with MC Abbey? Mixing comedy with gospel praise? How will this happen? And will it be funny?

Turns out he ain’t called Da Prof for nothing. While the comedy kept the audience laughing, the praise songs got them on their feet. And you know we Nigerian Christians love our master Jesus, right? Folk couldn’t determine if they wanted to laugh or go into the spirit.

MC Abbey - Kenny Blaq
MC Abbey – Kenny Blaq
iLaff with MC Abbey - SOULCAPTCHA
iLaff with MC Abbey – SOULCAPTCHA (Gospel artiste)

And this year, the comedy train rolled back into town. Some of the old familiar faces were back. We laughed along with Yaw Naija and we shook Holy Spirit waist along with Nikki Laoye.

Seyi Brown came from the States and rocked the house! His stint was short but hilarious. The funniest part of comedy is if it is real life told with a big swig of humour and that’s exactly what he did. From a Nigerian’s first few weeks to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, we pondered and laughed in equal measure.

MC Abbey - Seyi Brown
American comedian Seyi Brown

Gordoooooons! What can I say about this Area Brotha? He did not come to PLAY! He hit the stage ripping the lines one after the other like a machine gun. Oh, you came to laugh, right? Well, Gordons brought the jokes. My man was amazing!

But…You know how we do at Viva Naija. There’s always a favourite. Always one that stands out in the crowd. And our highlight for the night was none other than EmmaOhMaGod!

iLaff with MC Abbey - EmmaOhMaGod
EmmaOhMaGod doing his best #OyaDab
Nikki Laoye, EmmaOhMaGod, Kenny Blaq
Can you see? Can you see that EmmaOhMaGod is a silly sausage??

I firmly believe that there is something wrong with this young man. Azzin, I am not 100% sure that he’s well. He takes memories from a Nigerian childhood and turns them into comedy gold. I foresee great, great things in this man’s future. There are few comedians out there with his mental dexterity and vivid imagination. I hold it in prayers that they do not find a cure for his particular brand of craze! ???

iLaff with MC Abbey - Mike Aremu
Mike Aremu blowing nonsense out of that sax!
MC Abbey-27
Spot the blogger ?

MC Abbey-29

Finally, let’s talk about the host, MC Abbey. Himself a seasoned comedian, he kept the crowd’s spirits up with intervals of sheer fun. He kept us in stitches when he turned up in a kilt, and his mad definitions of certain words were just priceless.  Should you ever hear that he is your English teacher, just quite the class, no long tin!

All in all, a fabulous night and a wonderful start to the weekend’s shenanigans. iLaff with MC Abbey was a total delight!

All pictures courtesy Michael Tubes Creations

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