James Ibori is a political gladiator! My people, are you not entertained?

James Ibori Newspaper

The Delta State government placed a full page advert in the Vanguard recently to wish James Ibori a happy 58th birthday.

The effusive greeting came complete with governmental seal. It was even signed off by the current governor, Ifeanyi Okowa.

James Ibori Newspaper

Before I go into full tirade, this is what the full message says:

“I join your family, friends, political associates and other well wishers to felicitate with you on the occasion of your 58th birthday today.

Your charisma, broad-based approach to governance and strong leadership credentials are ensuring legacies that have continued to inspire other political leaders.

I thank God for His for his protection and blessing upon you in this period of trial, and I trust that He shall continually refresh and sustain you in preparation for greater responsibilities in the future”.

Signed: Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa – Governor, Delta State.

There is a part of me that desperately wants to understand this. It might well be that they are from the same political party. Also, it might be that the king makers have given express orders that the line to toe is to protest Ibori’s innocence at all times.

There are many things that could have been responsible for Okowa’s foolishness. But the one that comes to mind the most is this: birds of a father flock together. A thief will always praise a thief. He celebrates this vagabond’s birthday because he sees nothing wrong with what he did.

Ifeanyi Okowa - current governor of Delta State

James Ibori is currently serving a 13 year jail sentence for money laundering offences in the UK.

Firstly, understand that 99% of stolen money in Nigeria is laundered abroad. Every single financial institution you can think of is complicit in the rape of Nigeria. The majority of the money laundering happens in the UK and there is a reason for this. Firstly, theirs is the only currency that enjoys a surname. Pounds sterling no be joke na. It is a currency that is not only strong but stable. Money held in pounds is safe money; secure money.

Secondly, their anti-crime processes are so stringent that money laundered in the UK comes out looking better than if it was washed with Klin and Omo. It is whiter than white, purer than the driven snow. And again, I repeat: the UK  finance houses are well aware of this and condone it.

If that then be the case. can you imagine how much you would have stolen and tried to launder for them to shout “Enough!”? That they do not deport you but hold you themselves? For thirteen years?

James Ibori is a thief and a scoundrel that will never die well. And when karma is done with him, I hope it visits his family and friends who enjoyed from the proceeds of crime. I hope they suffer a thousand deaths and may they all be grisly.

I am part Itsekiri and had the good fortune to visit Warri recently. My good fortune turned to tears as I beheld the land of my youth. Warri is a desolate wasteland. It looks like something from the apocalypse. People just continue to survive everyday and hope for the best. The roads are horrendous and the traffic is bad. The general savvy of the average Waffi man that gave birth to the saying “Warri no dey carry last” has given way to a uniform look of wary aggression. Everybody is hungry, angry and will fight you if you mach dia leg or tosh dia market.

This…from the land where the oil literally spurts out of the ground. This…from the land where the iroko tree and the mangrove swamp dwell side by side. Timber, plywood, food, oil…all wonders that sprout from the ground without anyone coercing them.

Ruined because James Ibori was once governor. And because Uduaghan took over, praised Ibori, and stole a little bit more. And finally, because Okowa, determined not to be outdone in the savage thievery, decided to take out a page advert to congratulate a criminal and a bastard.

Well, don’t say you were not told. The political gladiator, James Ibori, is 58. So, my people:


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  1. The most useless post iv read in recent times.
    You want to tell me that if ibori is ur father , uncle , brother , cousin , nephew and u directly or indirectly benefitted frm his administration .. That u won’t celebrate his bday cox he’s in prison ?

    What hypocrisy !

    As much as I don’t support looters but then there is notin wrong for family , friends and loved ones to celebrate his bday while in prison .

    Show me any person in Nigeria who had headed a government office that never stole and I will show you a phenomenal liar .
    All of them are criminals n same .

    HBD sir where ever u are jare !

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