Joe Biden: The silent hero of the Obama years


I need to READ Joe Biden. How can one man be this honourable and simple? A 74-year old man glaringly and gracefully given to duty and honour, and with a healthy touch of humour to go with it. #WHATaWow!

A senator since when he was 29, became VP 8 years ago, a public service life spanning half-a-century! Yet, he is this simple and dutiful, with no seeming ounce of self-entitlement?

There’s a Yoruba proverb I know :”O nwa owo lo, o pade iyi l’ona, bi o ba ri owo naa tan kin ni oo fi ra?” Translated in essence – ●When you set out to seek money and you bump into honour on the way, adhere to the honour, and forget the money chase●

Joe Biden is the kind of man who actually set out to seek honour. He didn’t have to bump into it. It shows. Forget it, it shows.

A few hours ago, as President Barack Obama was about to surprise Biden with the Presidential Medal of Honour with Distinction, the highest civilian honour in the USA, he quoted a Republican Senator who once opined that anyone who doesn’t admire Joe Biden definitely has a problem. Earlier, while giving his farewell speech, Obama had said that in his running for and tenure as President, picking Biden was his first decision, and it remains his best.

I wasn’t surprised when during his acceptance speech, Joe Biden mentioned that what made and still makes him is a value system set from the exceptional parenting he enjoyed, citing a similarity with that of Michelle Obama’s parent’s style too.

Na this kain person our kids and teens should grow up reading. Yes, our kids and teens, because it seems the present youth population in Nigeria is already lost forever. There’s a direct link between the above; that is, raising kids who will by nature value what’s truly valuable in deed and thought; and the achievement of a better Nigeria. Sorry, good Nigeria. Better bawo…?

It’s a long shot, but ‘bitter-truthfully’, it’s the only shot.

Well, I must READ Joe Biden…, God-willing, I’m getting all his books! If dollar wan do one kain, all my Facebook friends in the abroad, biko, my birthday is around the corner, wrap me some Biden! ?)

Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden Jr, what a man!


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  1. I saw the video, and unlike our thieving politiciams ans lavish system of government down here in Nigeria, the man was almost selling his house to raise funds to treat his late son, Beau, who had cancer at the time, until Obama stepped in to lend him the money.
    Beau himself, an attorney general in Delaware.

  2. U guys are just utterly too funny. Comparing US political atmosphere with this calibre of ugly, fucking greedy set of dirty foolish wolves in politics here in Naija. Overthere, they’re very much conscious of whoever to be picked as occupant of such sensitive post! Here , religion, greed, money affluence, sectionalism, tribalism, nepotism, thuggery etc are some of the pre requsites for qualifying for such post. For example, the monthly salary & allowances of these greedy guys of lower & upper chambers is just too much; this’ one of the major reasons why some degree of thuggery always ensue during campaingneering for such juicy posts.

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