Jonathan Pie gives blisteringly funny rundown of US politics ahead of elections [WATCH]


Nobody does barely contained rage like the British do when it comes to comedy. My hero used to be John Cleese as Basil Fawlty, but Jonathan Pie is a very close second. Known for his scathing take downs on British politicians, Pie has released a Facebook video dealing with US politics ahead of the upcoming elections.

Only in a British tirade will you hear the following sentence:”The Oval Office is full of either Bush, cock or the mentally impaired.” Perfection.

He makes it clear that Hillary is no walk in the park; Lord knows she has bigger balls than half of Washington DC put together. He also refers to her dress sense as executive onesies, something I’ve always wondered about. Who advises her on these trouser suits?? She’s corrupt, she’s brutal, she’s hungry. But Trump? No.

The 3 minute 19 second video is sublime. A dummy’s guide to US politics? Just watch it! And while you’re at it, acquaint yourself with Mr Pie’s Facebook Page. He explains the insane state our politicians have got us into better than anything you will ever see on BBC or CNN.

Happy voting, US. Do the right thing, the world depends on you!

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