Kumbuka the gorilla escapes at London Zoo: is there any morality in caging animals?


You may have heard that yesterday afternoon, at around 5pm, a gorilla escapes his enclosure at ZSL London Zoo. During that time, visitors of the zoo were kept inside while the zoo’s vets did what they could to tranquilise Kumbuka the gorilla and return him safely to his den. The Zoo have stated that they are unsure of how the gorilla escaped, but will continue to investigate the matter fully.

I’m thankful that it was handled quickly, efficiently and humanely. Thank God there was no tasering or killing. These wild animals did not choose this life and simply do what animals are meant to.

But what are your thoughts? In this world of TVs, Discovery Channel, Google, easy and available access to knowledge and information, are zoos really necessary?

We have children falling into enclosures. We have tigers going buck wild and eating everyone in sight. On the news, we’ve seen instance after instance of the outcome of keeping animals trapped for the sake of entertainment. Why do we still do it??

Perhaps I am too much of a bleeding liberal. I eat meat and plan to do so to my grave, so this might be somewhat hypocritical. But the captivity of animals for sport, for entertainment, giggles isn’t one I can get behind.

I know there are greater ills that plague the world, but there are also little fixes, and being kind to animals is one such small fix.

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