LeBron, Stephen Curry, and Trump: the day a KING called a President a bum

Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Trump NFL

Trump got dunked on this weekend by sports greats Stephen Curry and LeBron James and I was here for every millisecond of it! Stephen Curry point blank declined the invitation to the White House, and when Trump tried to whitewash it, @KingJames called him a BUM!

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At first, I was in two minds. I remembered my outrage when people who didn’t care for Obama disrespected him, his wife and kids. I thought – whatever your personal or racial inclinations, the president deserves some respect! So, regarding Trump, I thought to myself – is my prejudice against El Wotsit clouding my judgement?

But Obama was not as stone-cold, wall to wall crazy like Donald Trump is. I have never seen an individual who leaves the substance and chases the shadow as much as he does. Who speaks with neither thought nor filter. Who lacks wisdom, insight and knowledge, but thinks a big mouth, big guns and money make up for all three. I wonder if I’m saying that I’ve never seen an American 🤔. Because they made this man president and gave him the codes to nuclear weapons and the key to world destruction. You unmitigated goats.

So, while taking a break from the small-dick measuring contest between himself and Kim Jong Un, the president took a swipe at sportsmen who didn’t kneel to the flag or the national anthem, calling for them to be suspended or fired. A flag whose very raison d’être is to subjugate, murder and oppress these very people, but…I digress. Oh, and he referred to them as sons of bitches in the process. Because dignified, responsible, civilised president.

His diatribe was obviously directed at Colin Kaepernick who, last year, sat or knelt during the anthem at various games to highlight the treatment of black Americans. Once again, El Wotsit, when in doubt, stirs up racial hatred, bigotry and divisiveness. That always goes down a treat with his core supporters – the Make America Great Again fanatics who long for a time when there were cotton fields as far as the eye could see and black people pickin’ ’em.

Anyhoo, in the midst of all these shenanigans, the White House sent this invitation to the Golden State Warriors – an invitation that Stephen Curry (understandably) declined. Here comes Donald Trump the Presidential White Washer:

Donald Trump on Stephen Curry

Lol. Oniranu. Needless to say, Black people are not about that duplicitous life, so the cavalry came out. Tactfully, at first:

And some, with a savagery that is honed from years of being a tweeter:

Vic Berger on Stephen Curry - White House
Just a gentle reminder, Trump

And then, KING Le Bron James closed the shop!!!

Lebron James on Donald Trump


Lorrrrdt! It was a beautiful, sublime, transcendental thing to behold! It is my fervent hope and prayer that he does not retract or apologise for this. Curry has spoken up in appreciation for the support:


I hope it does not have a negative impact on his career. Lord knows Kaepernick is paying for his bold action: Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers to the 2013 Super Bowl, but his status in the team has declined since, and he lost his starting place last year. Some say this might just be down to his latest performance, but really…

Anyway, whatever happens next, for one glorious moment, Black people stood up to Trump and said:

Nene Leakes - I said what I said


Sit down, orange man. Don’t nobody wanna come visit you or look at your small hands.

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