Lessons for life from life

Life lessons

Life lessons

Life has taught me a few things. I’m gonna share because it could help someone else out there:

1. Don’t think the person who knows your deepest pains won’t be the one to hurt you. That word “trust me” usually comes before betrayal and “I’m different”, usually comes before devastation.

2. Take people seriously when they treat you the wrong way from the beginning. Forget the “I’m sorrys”, “I didn’t know” or “It would never happen again” misty eyed stories. Most people act the way they do to you subconsciously or out of a preconceived notion even they might not be aware of. It is possible he/she doesn’t really know they don’t value you as they think. Their first actions are usually the truth: actions speak, LISTEN.

3. Don’t give anyone full, unlimited, unrestricted access into your world. This is not for married people o! Protect your space, protect your time, protect your mind, protect your body, protect your emotions, protect your spirit. Very few people are capable of valuing the sacredness of your being; most will either abuse it or take it for granted.

People shouldn’t have the power or permission to come and go into your life/space as they please. You’re not a bus stop.

4. Perfect the art of letting go no matter how strong the hold. Value your sanity and sanctity above all else and you will find out it’s really not that hard.

5. Love you. Above all else, love and protect you.

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