Labour’s Sadiq Khan elected as Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan - Mayor of London

When I tell you I love this city!! So while Donald Trump is looking for labourers to help build his wall to keep Mexicans out and intolerance for religious and ethnic groups rise elsewhere, London forged ahead with progressive behaviour, liberal views and civility by electing the very first Muslim mayor of London – the Labour party’s Sadiq Khan.

©BBC|Mayor of London Polls

I was ready to vote for a banana if it would save us from the bumbling buffoon that is Boris Johnson, but it would seem Londoners wanted a whole lot more than that as Sadiq Khan, the son of a Pakistani bus driver who grew up in public housing in inner city London, shot through the polls to beat the Conservative Party’s Zac Goldsmith – a name that reads like it was formed from the old money and privilege. I mean, he is brother to Jemima Khan! (No relation; just an English lady who married a rich Pakistani cricketer-cum-politician. I know, irony, right?!)

The Conservative party has been steadily distancing itself from Goldsmith’s campaign, calling it “appalling” and “very foolish.”

Either way, we’re happy for a bit of Labour sense, a stop gap from the Conservatives’ incessant cuts and slashes, and we say a warm welcome to Mr Sadiq Khan!


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  1. And I hope a Christian will be a leader in Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations!!..rather christian Arabs are killed daily because of thier faith and the west that brought christainity to us have kept quite .Well I see it that the western world are selling thier soul to the devil with misplace priority !!..The Islamic world /Arabs are taking over the western world and they are there playing liberal .Donald Trump is a man that sees tommorow and sooner than later the other western world will regret the filtration of thier way of life and christian values !!!

  2. I love dis , London is part of the few places where sensible people dwell, they believe Islam doesn’t portray terrorism, dt this terrorism formed all over is made up by some xtian and Jew countries just to tarnish the image of Islam cus no where in the Quran supports terrorism but only self defense . As far as am concern, it’s high time xtians start changing their orientation towards Islam cus that the only way the world can have peace , let’s both fight against terrorism together.

    • Christians can’t change thier orientation to Islam? ..It is rather the other way round , Muslim changing thier orientation to Christians and Christianity as a whole !!

    • David Jacob Ate’iza. Only a fellow fool lik u will believe dt, AV read the Quran over 50times and nothing of sorts and I don’t expect u to believe that….. My advice is to get a life

    • Steve Osuoha dis my second time of coming across u on Facebook on issues related to Islam , with all the respect sir only the grace of God makes someone to understand Islam better cus Satan never want pple to, thank God am privileged to understand,pls pray for the grace

  3. @Dee Bisi say that again!!..Christians are naturally liberal .The day Islam /Muslim accommodate order religion in thier domain and stop this wanton killings , will be the day I will respect her .You are celebrating your faith member being part of a liberal country but you forgot the faith of killings meted out to Christian Syrian and other faithful in Islamic dominated countries around the world .If you enjoy what is happening in London , it will be highly hypocritical not to adopt same in a Muslim dominated countries !!

  4. @Dee Bisi , Christians can’t change thier orientation to Islam? ..It is rather the other way round , Muslim changing thier orientation to Christians and Christianity as a whole !!

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