MMM “crash”: So, you used your ‘spare money’?

MMM Nigeria
MMM Nigeria

The joke is this: “I’m not even moved, I used my spare money, the people scared and crying about MMM crashing are the greedy ones who didn’t use their spare money

Hmmn, I said it two months ago in a post on this platform, that a scheme such as the MMM is the type that “pays you to keep your pocket poor and your mind poorer”…and this statement above in the first paragraph, rapped from every corner right now by the average brassy MMMer, confirms this my assertion.

Somehow, you were made to think you had “spare money“. Bunkum.

Dear MMMers, I, just like some other few, understand the fact that Nigeria has failed you, and that you need money, and that you need to eat, you need to buy jeans and ‘shaart’, and that this, and that that, but, while you keep up with this circus of poverty, stop sounding brazenly stupid.

See, when you vomit something like “I used my spare money”, a coinage to soothe your folly, you sound brazenly stupid, and seems like you’re farting from the mouth. And, me being a caring person, I can’t take that much; seeing my fellow homo-sapien wallow in brazen stupidity while I stand and do nothing? Noooo, I care mehn!

So, moving forward dear, I pray with you in this moment of dashed yuletide hopes, I stand with you, in fact take this two hashtags – #iWaitWithThee and #aMONTHisjustaWord, BUT, stop that “spare money” joke, it’s a palliative that expires right on usage…does not work to make you sound wise or prudent, it rather does the opposite.

But, dear MMMer, if you insist on continuing to crash my lane with such stupidity, the thunder that will fire you, just like your “spare money”, is still doing mannequin challenge – e go heavy!

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    1. The frozen release date could be sooner than the stipulated time as it depends on the programmers

    2. Programmers are really working on the new implementation

    3. Starting from next week, participants will be able to change their guider

    4. All GH matching has been stopped for now.. everyone should wait as this is to the benefit of everyone and the community

    5. Probably a message will be sent on all participants PO to calm NIGERIANS down

    Mr Andrew said this is the time for all *GUIDERS* to act and calm all downlines no to panic as the new model and implementation will not exceed and may not be up to the stipulated time depending on the programmers

    What about the media and reports of MMM crashing, we are to help ourselves cos it’s wat we believe that matters, now MMM is not and will not crash, it’s just an *Implementation* that will make the community stronger

    Now! GUIDERS need to work effectively to calm downlines….

    Mr Andrew….

    for those that are in d meeting, u can add urs…

  3. Mr Brave Agunta if I may ask, let’s assume you are working on the new program what happens to those who have rendered help and are expecting there help b4 the “crash ” will their money be returned to them?


    Consultant Popoola:
    Thank you for visiting MMM! Is there anything I can do to help you?


    Consultant Popoola:

    Really scared of the info we are getting everywhere. What’s really happening, Sir?

    Consultant Popoola:
    The only reliable news is the one you have on your PO. There is a temporary hold on the Mavros. This is just to protect the community from going down. We have learned based on many experiences that during this Xmas season people tend to GH more than PH and when the balance is not set right, there might be an upset in the system. Since MMM Nigeria is doing very well, the Admin wanted to keep this community alive for a very long time and that’s what we all want, right? So in order to do that we have a preventive measure which is to hold the Mavros during the holiday season. But once this has passed everything should go back to normal. So there is no need to panic; participants just have to be patient so that the community will be even stronger than it already is. We are not on any terrible situation; we are doing what’s best for everybody.

    I see. Does that mean I should still go ahead and provide help that I’ve been matched to pay since?

    Consultant Popoola:
    Yes, you should

    OK. But someone who was also matched to pay me refused to pay, and I didn’t get reassigned as before. Will I also have to wait until January?

    Consultant Popoola:
    Yes, you have to wait. Sorry.

    OK. Thank you. The media is really doing a bad job making people panic. I pray we prevail.

    Consultant Popoola:

    One last question…What plans does Admin have if by January everybody wants to GH and no PH?

    Consultant Popoola:
    The system is being reconfigured in such a way that henceforth everybody can’t GH at the same time as Mavro will now be credited every day, not necessarily Tuesdays and Thursdays. That way all participants won’t have any need to GH at the same time, but on a 30-day cycle.

    You know as it stands now, when Mavros are unfrozen in January as promised, everybody will want to GH immediately…You understand? Will that not be another problem?

    Consultant Popoola:
    The system will no longer allow everybody to GH at the same time since it will now be on a 30-day cycle. This was really an opportunity to improve the system. Admin is considering every possibility ahead of time.

    Ok. Thank you. You are doing a wonderful work here.

    Consultant Popoola:
    Together we change the world

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