Monday Motif: Cristiano Ronaldo is all shades of dedication – take cue!

Ronaldo Emotions Portugal EURO 2016

He out-trains his mates, 4 hours more everyday.
He out-diets his kind, to maintain an athletic gait.
He out-paces his peers, he has covered more kilometres on the pitch this season.
He out-jumps his type, 4.9 centimetres more on three significant occasions now (Copa dey Rel vs Barca, 2011, La Liga vs Malaga 2012, now, Euro 2016 vs Wales), to score.

Cristiano Ronaldo
He out-wants the victory, evidently as his lucid emotions testify.

He out-sprints, out-gyms, out-drills his colleagues to be in own league.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He goes through grit to get fit for feats, ‘cos he hates defeat.

Well, he is getting the result, innit?

Hi team’s triumph in France yesterday, was simply one of his rewards for being an undying, unyielding and insatiable zest for success.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for being obsessed with his training routine. There’s a particular quote from Sir Alex Ferguson, which illustrates this phenomenon perfectly: “There’s no fluke about it. I see Ronaldo practising all the time in training.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

Anytime I consider the many painstaking sacrifices and perennial successes of Cristiano #Ronaldo, and his athletic likes ditto Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Chris Froome, Usain Bolt, just to mention a fewer out of the few, the glorious words of the American great, Vince Lombardi, perch majestically on my soul:

“The Man On Top Of The Mountain Didn’t Fall There”

Vince lombardi

See, I’ve learnt, that, even grace, is neither lazy nor lax.

So, dear blessed ones, for glory, gut your guts on it…that thing you do.

Good morning, Good afternoon, have a great week.


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  2. 💀 👉 ഇത് തീ കളി ആണ് മോനെ 👈 💀

    🚀 🚀 നമ്മളെ തോൽപികാൻ ആർക്കും പറ്റില്ല 🚀 🚀

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    • The kingdom of heaven isn’t about out-doing, it’s not about self-effort. Its simple, Christ has already out-done everything. The kingdom of God only bids that we out-believe

  3. guy if he did not win the Euro, you wouldn’t have posted all this about him. how do you that he trains more than his team mates at Madrid and even the ones at Portugal. Na wa for una oh!

  4. I will tell my grandchildren about a man,he is the greatest,the fastest,the best shoter,the best freekick taker,the best penalty taker,the best scorer(have scored 5 goals in a single march 2 times),the best header,the strongest,a man who have proven him self both in club and country,a man who is been battled by Argentina best,Uruguay best,and Brazil best,yet they can’t beat him.his name is CRISTIANO RONALDO. A living Legend.

  5. men! i rilli dnt no wah to say any more…messi hv been unlucky for d past 3months nw… for his country side 4finals no “truffy”.. buh his 29 wit 30 trophies to his name.. buh Ronaldo is 31 n has 19 trophies to his name.. day ar all gud… Ronaldo will b lukn forward to his 4 ballo’dr… buh hey messi is wat not to b compr to any player.. his d best in history n evn d lukz of D’imaria, james,Lampad, Oize,Ibranimovic, n many more testify to it!.. long live d king “Leo Messi”

    • My brother, you’re on your own!
      While Messi was born and brought up in Baça as a young talent in the Feather team, Ronaldo roamed the streets of Portugal kicking oranges along the road for football.
      While Messi was cherished and pampered in Barça team, Ronaldo was struggling to get a jersey at Sporting Lisbon (Portugal).
      While Messi remained in Barça being promoted to the senior team, Ronaldo moved to Manchester United. While Messi lifted La Liga, CR7 lifted Premiere League.
      While Messi lifted Copa De Rel, CR7 lifted FA cup. While Messi lifted champions League, CR7 lifted champions League.
      While Messi won World Best player, CR7 won the world best player.
      While Messi lifted La Liga, CR7 lifted La Liga
      while Messi lifted Cops de Rel, CR7 lifted Cops de Rel
      While Messi lifted champions League, CR7 lifted champions League
      while Messi won world Best player, CR7 won world Best player
      While CR7 lifted EURO Messi lifted NOTHING
      while Messi was made in Barça, CR7 is self made, a product of extreme hard work.
      while Messi shy away from failure, CR7 is always positively optimistic that failure is not the end of a career but a source of strength for success.
      while Messi is restricted to football, CR7 is an all rounder in all sphere of social life.
      Messi = Barca = 1
      CR7= Sporting Lisbon + Manchester United + Real Madrid = 3
      Messi= Argentina – Copa America = 0
      CR7 = Portugal + Euro = 1

    • Messi from barca to barca but cr7 started from the strt to be the team winner for every team he played for but messi is gud bt team help messi while cr7 help al d team he played… Many players says cr7 has no blood he’s an alien

    • Story Muokel Godsman. He wasn’t even the best player in the Euros or in the league. Griezman won it. He wasn’t even the best player for Portugal. The team just exposed him in that final that from the beginning he has been running around the pitch not even contributing anything big. Didn’t win a match in full 90mins until the final. Wasn’t even the best player in champions league. Did nothing for 120 mins until the penalty and became hero over bale Ramos macelo that did the work. Same with the other championships league too. Also taken glory for a final he did not win. Too bad. I doubt if you watch football.

      There is no Ballon d’Ore for Ronaldo. He has been largely criticized this year if you care to follow current sporting news.

      Take a chill pill 💊 bro

    • And about Messi only winning in 1 league, I will help you with a list of Legends who only played for one club or league.

      Del pierro
      Oliver kahn
      Iker gundagon
      Jimmy carragarh
      Alan sheara
      Kenny Dalglish

      *list of Legends that stay in a club from youth team till old age before leaving to other clubs.

      Bobby Charlton
      George best

      Muokel Godsman argument best on your point is inconsequential. Most Legends play all there lives in one club and retire in other team. Messi will not be an exception and that doesn’t change is status as the greatest of all time.

      Learn football and stop expressing substandard standpoints. I hope you are learning. Done

    • sorry bro you the one to take that pills okay madrid where two goals down and CR7 did what makes him a great player or did ‘t watched the game? bad belle talk tru for once. he also set another record in UCL you fgt?

    • Even griezmann said CR7 has won the B’dor already, let all the haters go and stop him. He won the two major trophies in Europe scoring the highest number of goals in one of them. My brother are u trying to console yourself?

    • #GoldricIfeanyiFocus at a glance, I discovered the level of your myopia vis á vis football. I was waiting for you to call Legends in football like Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Figo, Beckham etc but you ended up calling mediocre players to compare them with CR7. It’s unfortunate. For your information, majority of those players you copied and pasted, played for not less than 2 different clubs each. In that your little football head, do you foresee Messi leaving Barça for any other club? That kind of speculation is called myopia in football. On CR7 Balon d’or, it is rightfully his. Has there ever been a time when CR7 was not criticized? Everyone must not vote for him just like you’re anti CR7.
      For your information, any time you talk CR7, talk of Pele, Maradona and maybe Messi. Stop listing those insignificant names in that your copy&paste list.
      Get informed about football and comeback for more salient argument.

    • Muokel Godsman LOL it simz u no alot.. Messi- 638apps, 503goals,209assist n 2dives.. lol ur cr7 -796apps, 543gals 179assist wit 472dives.. tell all ur gebrish to doz numbers.. Ebuka Melvin.. u tlk abw d champions league.. u all cn nt d9 d fact dah Cr7 n mardrid wer so lucky hvn played wif d easiest team.. n we all no hw he was lucky in d ERO2016..

    • Paul Scholes: i think about the great players with whom i hv shared a pitch: Eric Cantona, Zinedine Zidane, Pirlo Xavi, Ronaldo n so many buh the greatest of dem all is “Messi”

      James Rodrigue(real Madrid)- “Linel Messi is from another planet”

      Hernan Gomez- “messi is a Monster before Messi came on dere was no difference in d game. If u make a mistake n messi is nearby u will pay for it..

      Paul Pogba:- “player who made me suffer most? Messi! he’s so small n so fast u cnt touch him, he made me tired”
      Delima Ronaldo [Brazil]:- dere is no doubt dat MESSI is d best player in d world..

      The great Pele:- “Neymar doesn’t hv Ronaldo or Messi’s quality. if i had to say who’s the number one player today,it wuld b “Messi!!!

      Francois Hollonds (President of France): “Messi or Ronaldo?. I would so love to b Messi n Ronaldo.. we all no who is d best.. evn if Cr7 shuld pay for 38 clubs his still no mach for d

      these days he scores more freekicks goals than penalty because scoring penalties is just too Cristiano.. Cr7-38freekick so fer no goal to his name!.. Messi n Ronaldo we al no who’s d best.. evn if he plys for 38 clubs in d world his still no much for d best plyr in history Leo Messi!!!

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