Multiple Ideas Syndrome – How Do I Choose The Right One?

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Does your Idea Bank look like an overflowing sink? Stacked to the rafters, an array of dirty dishes begging to be cleaned? Are you collecting all sorts of business ideas but still do not know what to do with them?

I was interviewed on Thinking Aloud with Ayo (TAWA) radio show a while ago and we discussed how to package ideas at length. Click here to access the recording – it was a good show, even if I say so myself. Two questions stood out from the radio interview and I want to address one of them today.

I Have So Many Business Ideas, How Do I Choose The Right One?

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If you suffer from the idea clutter syndrome, welcome to the world of the multiple-talented elite group. So talented, you just do not know what you do with all the ideas that flow through you.  I get you, I honestly do and I used to feel that way too. If you are one of those people who always wakes up with a new idea, it is time to declutter and put some in storage for a later date. Just remember, you can have it all but not at once.

Let us get something straight – Your ideas are valid! At the right time, place and proper packaging, your idea will meet a need somewhere. There is nothing wrong with having multiple ideas as long as they do not become a burden to you and clutter your focus. Like river tributaries, they could all lead to the same place – the ocean of fulfilment, if there are no blockages holding them back. So how do you decide on what idea to work with this year?

Here are some tips to set you on your way:

1. What Do People Need and What Is In Demand?

I learnt a lesson earlier on in my business that just because an idea sounds fancy does not mean it will work, nor does it mean people will buy into it and vice versa. Do not choose an idea based on your emotions, base it on the needs it can meet – if there are any.


2. What Can Your Schedule Accommodate?

Ideas are a dime a dozen so do not panic if you can’t start working on that one just yet. Spend time adjusting your schedule first to accommodate this new demand on your time. There is no reason why you should put yourself under undue pressure when your schedule cannot accommodate it. If you cannot do it – please delegate some tasks to others and if need be, automate and outsource too.

3. What is Your Most Dominant Strength?

Where does your strength lie in the scheme of all your ideas? This is an important consideration as it can make or break your concept. Your ideas are as powerful as the person driving it forward is. If you are not using your dominant strengths, you most likely reside in your comfort zone. Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are using a SWOT analysis sheet and use the results to gauge where your strengths lies and how you can translate them into your idea.

4. Is It Linked to Your Passion?

When packaging your ideas, ensure you have longevity in mind and do something you love. Too many people focus on a passing fad with no real soul connection. It is very easy to get disconnected when you are not passionate about what you do. Find your passion and connect it to an idea that works.

It is better to focus on the idea that highlights your strengths, one you can be in control of, an idea in demand and works within your schedule than vice versa. You want your life to work. Every idea development project will place a lot of demand on you, but you will be able to manage it better when you take these points on board.

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Once you figure out which one to choose or if you still need help to choose a viable option, get in touch for a Navigator Session – it will give you clarity, direction and an action plan you can put in place immediately. There is no time like now to start designing your future. Nothing should stop you from turning your ideas into viable products, services, solutions and increase your income streams and positive influence around you. Make up your mind and make a choice.

I am cheering you on.

Business Blessings!

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