Murtala Muhammed Airport, the gate to our father’s compound is a mess!

Murtala Muhammed Airport -1

Anyone who has the ears of the presidency should start to talk about the dirty linen that we are washing publicly. Our shame has finally reached such heights that the palm is no longer able to cover our baldness. We cannot even hide it anymore; there are festering sores all over the body called Nigeria. Murtala Muhammed Airport is currently one such sore.

The other day, it was the video of a rat playing jangorova epo motor from the overhead cables and through the ceilings of the airport. It was pathetic; both for the rat and for the country. I mean,  just imagine all the people that must have seen that video from all over the world, and they would not even be sure about who deserves more pity.

I can imagine some Oyinbo man looking at that video and exclaiming “Animal cruelty! These Nigerians are animals! How can they be so cruel to animals?” Maybe after a week of outrage, he will then realise that there were actually human beings sitting in that same environment, waiting to board planes, and jet out of the “animal kingdom.”

This is the same place expatriates come through when they are arriving Nigeria. They come in through rat infested entrances, but what is their own sef? They just waltz in with empty bags and waltz out with bags full of cheques and payments that could have repaired the ceiling or fixed the cables or controlled the rats in Murtala Muhammed Airport. It’s not their fault.

Another day again, the video on the internet is showing our dearly beloved airport during a power outage. The person in the video didn’t even sound shocked; it’s probably happened before. If I were in that place, I would probably be wondering if our fuel will also not finish midair, because some kind of things that happen are symptoms of greater evil lurking around the corner. The kind of maintenance personnel that can allow light to just switch off anyhow, can also allow fuel to finish in the plane at above cloud level.

The gate to our father’s compound is a mess. It reeks of negligence and the putrid smell of decay has become the signature of our dear country. I am sure those immigration officers will even use the blackout as opportunity to perfect their extortion process. Yes, that is what they do at the immigration post, extort Nigerians like themselves!

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