Niger Delta Avengers: incompetence visible as their Twitter account is suspended

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I don’t have a problem with revolution, honestly, I don’t. The French Revolution led to the egalitarian state the French enjoy today. Many civil wars have led to a better life for the people. But a rag tag team of opportunists and angry men is not the same as a revolution. And the Niger Delta Avengers are consistently showing themselves as exactly that.

Today, Twitter took the decision to suspend the guerrilla group’s Twitter account. This is because they use it primarily to spread hate. They tweet about where else they’d like to blow up and then they go blow it up. Sometimes, they forget they’ve blown something up and then they have to come back and claim credit for the bombing.

Look, I’m no terrorist but even I know that Twitter is not the place to spread your message of destruction. ISIS have a website because they can’t show videos of beheading people on other platforms. And particularly not on social media platforms.

Which bring me to the next question: if the NDA does not know this, what else do they not know? How do they hope to run the Niger Delta? This lot can’t organise a piss-up in a brewery. Couldn’t score in a brothel. Who will be responsible for the oil? Who will ensure good governance or ensure that the proceeds of the oil they’re fighting for reach the people? Abi is that not the whole point of the “Gboah gboah, pishaun pishaun” they’re doing?

Their website has been down more times than a whore’s knickers. And when it is up, have you seen the content? It’s laughable: Niger Delta Avengers imploring criminals and touts to not commit crimes in their name. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Blowing up oil rigs and other oil company facilities. Ridiculous bunch of people. I spent a great deal of my childhood in Warri, right up till I finished secondary school. Returning there for a visit a year ago, I was heartbroken at how much worse that ancient city looked from when I lived there.

Enerhen Junction looking like something from the Apocalypse. The airport is an eyesore. Everywhere is filthy, unkempt, ill-maintained and falling apart.

Avengers are mad at Shell and Chevron? They need to speak to Ibori and Uduaghan and find out where ALL THE MONEY WENT! Blow up their houses and businesses till they start confessing.

As if that’s not enough, the Niger Delta Avengers give us further proof that they who the gods would kill, they would first make mad.

The Nigerian government actually said it was willing to negotiate with leaders of the group, but its spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo, announced in June that only a dialogue supervised by foreign countries and corporations would make it engage the government.

LOL-age. 😆 😆 😆 😆

NDA talk say unless oyinbo chook mouth, dem no ready talk any kain negotiation. Which oyinbo? The same oyinbo wey una bomb all their oyeh facility? Mek dem come talk wetin na? Say una be better pipo? Say mek dem carry una oyeh give una? Una wey no get any one single sense? Abeg una dress mek pipo see road. Every good tin wey dey Warri, una don bomb am. D one una never bomb don kukuma spweh before. Nonsense and strawberry.

Niger Delta Avengers Oil Destruction

Also, do note that the people supplying the weapons to you do so because they believe your lives are dispensable.  You will never be anywhere nearer the power that controls the oil than you are now. You don’t matter. You’re just pawns; a means to an end.

But don’t mind me. Goan open Facebook page. You’re the Niger Delta Avengers for God’s sake! Maybe they will let you do Facebook Live videos while you blow stuff up.

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