Nigeria, we hail thee! Ese Oruru’s rapist makes bail

Ese Oruru - Yunusa Dahiru at airport

There is a political, social being inside most of us that rails against injustice. You want to add your voice to those who cannot talk for themselves. To defend the weak. Fight for the maligned. Fair enough, most of us do it from behind our computers, but we have seen pressure – even social media pressure – make changes. This is what we here at Viva Naija sought to do with the Ese Oruru story.

We could not in all conscience hear about this story and not publicise it on our platform. Not just because of Yunusa’s horrific act, but because of Ese’s mother’s relentless search for her daughter. The woman went against all odds, travelled to foreign lands and met obstacle after reluctant obstacle and still searched for her daughter. If a mother could do that, then we would do whatever we could to help.

It would seem that social pressure won. Ese and her paedophile kidnapper were found. The girl was returned to her overjoyed mother. Of course there were casualties – Ese was pregnant and probably suffering from Stockholm syndrome at this time. But we accepted all of this anyway. The minor, the girl-child was back with her parents. Where she belonged.

And the justice system wanted to give me hope! Yunusa was arrested and detained pending a trial! He was facing a five-count charge of abduction, inducing by the use of deception and coercion illicit intercourse, sexual exploitation and unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor, Ese Oruru.

Seriously?? Ese was to see this sort of swift and decisive justice?? Perhaps there was hope for my motherland, after all! Imagine the message this would send to other budding paedophiles and child abductors! I was besides myself with glee.

Heartbreak in the shape of a nation

But this is Nigeria. A country that colludes on all fronts to stifle the life and hope out of its citizens. How could I have dared to hope? I found out yesterday that Yunusa Dahiru, an alleged okada (keke napep?) rider made bail of N3 million. Hmmmm…una well done for that North o, una hear? Mek una kontinuu with the bullshit, the raping and the paedophilia.

The bail conditions were set thus:

  • A N3 million bail bond and two sureties in like sum, resident within the jurisdiction of the court as conditions for Mr. Dahiru’s release.
  • One of the sureties must be a traditional title holder, while the second person must be a civil servant on Grade Level 12 or above.
  • The two sureties must submit their three-year tax clearance receipts and that the defense counsel must sign an undertaking that the accused would not jump bail.

Justice Ajiya Nganjiwa, presiding, was later pressured to reduce the conditions to a level-nine civil servant and further granted the prayer of the defendant to also allow any traditional ruler from any community in the country to stand as surety. Still strict, by any stretch of the imagination.

Not only could Yunusa Dahiru afford the services of a defence lawyer who could so admirably fight his cause to have the bail conditions reduced, we now have it on authority from Sahara Reporters that he was flown back home to Kano.

Someone, possibly someone with daughters themselves, is bankrolling and aiding Yunusa Dahiru. Someone does not want him to pay for his heinous crime. This person is wealthy and influential enough to fulfil bail conditions as stringent as the surety of a traditional title holder and the provision of N3 million.

For an okada rider. Who abducted, raped and impregnated a child. It is not well o. It is not well at all.

The case has been adjourned to September 13th, but….well, welcome to Nigeria.

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