A Nigerian soldier and his boy: the sacrifices of our military men and women


He goes off to war and he might never see his child again. But the Nigerian soldier does it; for us. For the chance that his child and our children may have a Nigeria free from the menace of terrorism.

These men and women are heroes, and we don’t thank them enough. Thank you, soldier.

May your days be long, may you emerge victorious against the enemies to whom Nigerians living their everyday lives is a threat.

The terrorists will never win and by God’s grace, this soldier will see his child again.” ~ Nigerian Army Support Group.


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  1. Many Nigerian will not comment nd thank our Heroes(Nigerian Army)here.But will go about Praising nd Tanking Fani Kayode nd Fayoshe for playing Sentiment on we Nigerians,Politically nd Religiously.I love my Nigerian Army,Tank u my HEROES.

  2. Hmmmmm how many Nigerians are jobless?

    These armies are paid monthly, they’re not owed like civil servants.

    Thousands fight to join the army, stop getting emotional.
    Ive no sympathy to sell, they aren’t forcefully recruited

  3. Some ogas at the top eat up their entitlement as well the way my father’s own was eaten but i still survive against all the odds. My dad left me like this boy then to d civil war with his message that” If I come we wl see but if not struggle to survive”.

  4. This is Nonsense,,Jux look at the badge on the soldier’s arm and u wil see its not Nigerian..The Post master doesn’t even recognize the Nigerian flag and symbol…Juz wanted to draw attention and comments…

  5. Let the Nigerian Government give to Caesar wat belongs to Caesar and everything would be alright… Believe it or not,,forget sentiments or Tribalism or Religion stuffs,,This is a Poor Government from the Head!!…

  6. I don’t think he knows NA badge. If not Nigerian Army’s Badge, Whose badge then? God bless Nigerian Army, God bless Nigerian Navy, God bless Nigerian Air Force, God bless Nigerian Armed Forces and God bless Nigeria

  7. Which war are they fighting,external or internal agreession,we should be grateful to God we are not fighting external war,just killing ourselfs cos of some selfish and greedy politicians who refuse to go,but remain relivant at all cost,even if it means wiping a whole state to keep dier selfish interest unopposed,. If there will be sincererity of justice,equity and fairness ,I don’t thisnk DAT dier will be any war to fight

  8. As some-one will say; “God really love fools dat why he created them”…. I think i can identify some thorugh their post, why can’t u just ignore if u’re not posting better comment. They taking much risk so u won’t take any. God bless NIGERIA, God bless they millitant

  9. All of us are fighting war, both military and civilians. Soldiers are fighting boko haram while civilians are fighting fulani in the farm so pray 4 all Nigerians. Soldiers are even need to thankgod becs govt are paying them but we civilians are receiving any.

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