The Nigerian youth what has happened to you?

nigerian youth

Nigerian Youth

I’m very worried about something that is fast becoming the norm amongst us as Nigerians.

Before I start, I want to ask a very pertinent question: Is Nigeria the hardest Country in the world? Are we the most unfortunate is location and living? Or is the something inherently wrong with our DNA or psychic?

I watched a documentary put together by in Australia showing how they burst Nigerian youths who were into scamming people for a living. As in, they had to go as far as Malaysia to catch one ugly boy who had taken over $90,000 from a lady.

What broke my heart is that they have a support group for Australian men and women who have been duped by Nigerians! That one blew me away.

We travel everywhere and we leave traces of wickedness, yet we expect others to open their arms to welcome us, and even get worked up when people diss Nigerians. Many of you have ruined the chances of so many good people out there with your selfishness and greed.

Yesterday I discussed with a CEO, the entitled way some of his Company workers steal is so amazing that when I called my mentor for help in training them, and I shared a few challenges the Company was facing with its workers, he said a psychiatric test was needed ASAP.

I went through a group chat and CEOs were discussing. If you see the things Nigerian Youths are doing to those who are trying to help or mentor them? You will be so amazed that you won’t want to help anybody every again.

One of them had his own so bad that his own worker changed the cover of the proposal he was asked to deliver to a client. How do you remove your Company’s cover and replace it with yours? What kind of mind does that?

Another one was a little fool they allowed to use their office for his one man hustle. Before you know it, bros sent their South African client a mail rubbishing the firm and telling them to deal with him instead because his benefactors didn’t even have an office they could call their own!

Unfortunately, this is not a rare occurrence, it’s simply one that happens very often in very different ways. I’ve heard stories of how Managers try to remove people who refuse to let them steal exorbitant amounts from the Company they’re working in.

As in, they actually gang up to ruin that person and when the person in question asks what his crime is, you hear things like “Who do you think you are? You think you’re better than us?” WTF?

What is this desperation for fast money? What is this disgusting trait of stealing that has become so acceptable, we are now numbed to it? People now have the guts to openly condemn those who don’t within an office? Before it was hush hush but now it’s blatant.

What is going on with our youths? These people don’t even spend the money creatively but on cars, women and wine like the case of the Nigerian guy caught in Malaysia.

Some of you are dating men who are swindlers and you know….And you think it’s okay? Because you too want to look good regardless of who is shedding tears somewhere else.

And to my CEOs, will you guys stop being so goddamn sentimental? I was in Church during a leadership training and our Pastor said they were going to discipline a leader who went around pulling his weight and disrespecting other people. The girl near me just explained, “leave him o” and I’m like “why?”.

A tailor once acted up with my mom and i told her what to do. She listened until someone else told her “You know, you’re a mother, you need to blah blah blah”. She did. Next day the guy and lady had ran away with her money and machines!!!

I have a policy: evil needs to be punished so it is not repeated. Stop treating adults with kid gloves, kick them out in the little things before they graduate to the big ones.

Someone should help me explain this desperation though because I don’t get it. You want to ride the latest cars and live on luxuries you cannot afford? Don’t you know stolen wealth comes with a curse?

Don’t you know that when you ruin the company you work, you go down with it? Don’t you know you’re sowing seeds whose harvest you do not have the ability to reap? It this mindset our Politicians have that any government money belong to them. However this is no longer just a political problem but a thief today will become an armed robber, a corrupt official, a die hard looter tomorrow.

Little wonder why we keep churning out criminals in he name of leaders.

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  1. Basically sentiment has been d major problem facing d youths in Nigeria. Politicians used this tool as a way to divide us. Everyday we are on social media insulting ourselves. Its obvious that politicians will continue to use our space to get what they want. To get it right we must leave sentiments & embrace one another.

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