Nigerians: The Forgotten Army of WWII and Why We Must Do Better


This makes me so indescribably sad; I’m actually tearing up.

Not just because they were forgotten.

Not just because there isn’t a single wreath in Whitehall for these forgotten soldiers – Lord above knows they have none in their homeland either.

Not just Joanna Lumley isn’t losing sleep over our heroes.

Not just because I wonder if they were really heroes if they are unremembered.

But because we NEVER F**KIN’ LEARN! We need to stop fighting the White Man’s battles! Biko, wetin consine Nigeria and Hitler? Are they even close on the map?? When are we going to stop being led astray by a few cheap, bright, shiny trinkets and promises of friendship?

And nobody better come for me telling me this was over half a century ago. I still see it in our simpering behaviour, in our ‘dem still better pass us small’ mentality.Aren’t we talking about Walmart coming to Nigeria? Because we have no Nigerian billionaire that can launch something similar that will bring every creature comdort to Nigeria without compromising on home-grown produce or taking our 40 acres?

Maybe they are better. Maybe they’re more advanced and just have more things in place. But I will not die for a single human who will not appreciate my bravery and my valour. I will not sell my birthright for foolishness and betrayal. Let the world implode -not my monkeys, not my circus; I’m not going to be helping in clearing up the mess.

I urge every single reader to be about their business as you watch this today. Read a book. Start a business. Teach your child(ren) something. Write something. Go for that job opportunity. Move one more rung up the ladder. Escape the rat race. Then reach a hand down and help your BROTHER or your SISTER up.


The Guardian newspaper:

Nigerians made up more than half of the total force of 90,000 West African soldiers deployed to south east Asia after 1943. But while the role of Indians and Gurkhas in the campaign is well-known, allied commander General William Slim did not mention the African soldiers in his speech thanking the 14th army. Seventy years on, many remain bitter that their contribution was never recognised fully. This is their story, of surviving two years of intense jungle warfare, of helping secure Victory over Japan, through exclusive, never before seen footage.


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