Nigeria’s pain and the lawlessness of Buhari’s extended leave – Cathy Omo


Buhari’s extended leave is unfair; bordering on illegal. Contrary to the prevailing rhetoric, a leader cannot go on leave until further notice simply because he handed over correctly.

He still earns a salary.

He is still being guarded, paid, fed, bathed and dressed by taxpayers.

We have had governors in Nigeria that started off like this. Some were on leave for almost a year, if not more. Was it Taraba state? I forget.

If you like, hand over to your secretary at your job and travel out for your leave. Tell your office you will extend that leave and will be back whenever you receive your test results.

Post some nice shots on Instagram eating a nice breakfast and receiving visitors.

Your employer will keep paying you for as long as it takes. As long as you handed over correctly. Trust me.

I wonder why I bother.

What we will not accept from Peter, they want us to celebrate with Paul. Now we have become Enemies of the State.

Thanks, Buhari: for helping the economy of Britain with our scarce forex. Abi are you spending naira there? Lucky you, you didn’t have to source from black market. Lucky you, your holiday was deemed a necessity and not a luxury like our children’s education and our businesses. Lucky you, you get so many high profile visitors from the same Nigeria you ran away from, also eager to spend some scarce taxpayer forex to take selfies with you.

Please stay as long as you wish. The cold in UK is much better for your health than the heat and mosquitoes back home. Your VP is doing a great job, save your energy so you can live long to attend all your children’s graduations from foreign universities.

See you in 2019.

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  • Power drunk Fulani’s. Is it not d same buhari dat was talking about stopping overseas trips for government officials? Breeze don blow and fowl nyash don show.

    Come at me folks, I ready reply anybody. Osibanjo watch out. Na to put knife for u back remain.

  • Blessing John dat prayer u did may GOD answer us all thank for ur prayers for u Patrick ekeledo Wat ever u say about d president nor today’s rule I assure u for d time n day dat we are all we need is leaders dat will check mate people I believe u never New dat Nigerian elite hv gotten away with somuch fund money for u n I to live a bttr life Ok dis is my take seriously am not expecting buhari to deliver Nigeria but I am appreciating him for starting and trying so keep dat in mind dat it’s me n u now dat needs to be do our own part of making Nigeria one whole for better n good I served in anambra state I hv very good friends there and am still intouch with them for me u can change who I help d nation don’t beat d nation with wrong words thank u

  • All of u dat ar soliciting for buhari’s recovery, where were u when he started his selective appointments, war against d igbos, against opposition parties, killing of peaceful aggitators, fulani heardsmen invaded d country under his watch. Ok! Since he steped aside hav u heard of fulani heardsmen? The man is an antagonist to somany ppl and u cant compel ppl to luv their arch enemy

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