Do not promise what you cannot deliver

Business Integrity

Business Integrity

General rule of thumb in business; never ever promise what you cannot deliver.

Do not tell your clients that you are a master or professional at something when you are not able to deliver. I have seen some people boast about how they took up contracts or jobs and lied they knew how to handle it then went and learnt and made it happen. That is a small percentage of people. The majority will not be able to do this, so do not get sneaky and greedy.

I was approached by someone who wanted an illustration done. I do illustrations. I am not just as awesome as some people I know in the industry. I figured she asked because she saw something someone made for me and I informed her wisely that I can illustrate but if it is about so and so, that was not me. This is the person who did it. That ended the conversation but tomorrow if that lady hears my name, she will remember that I was honest about what I could do. That matters a lot for your reputation and that of your business. You will never know how much until something occurs that rests on that very issue of dependability.

Why put myself in trouble when I know what she was expecting is not something I can do? Why do that to yourself? I have worked for people who do this, so I have seen first hand how it also affects medium and big businesses. Client comes in and they start promising heaven and earth, things that I know are not going to work well or are not possible at all. The client believes it and agrees. Payment is made and then suddenly, the ogas at the to are trying to do fire brigade runs and getting angry that people are not getting it right or bothering to try.

You willfully placed your people in jeopardy, stressing them over things that do not concern them, when you knew it was not sound, and yet you expect them to bend over backwards and suffer to make you happy? Not going to happen. Not unless you are willing to pay them through your nose for it.

It is the same with small businesses. Do not let the excitement push you to make ridiculous promises. Stick to what you know you can do and deliver. They will come back and bring another person with them.

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