ANTI-CORRUPTION: Now that the #gates of Dubai have opened, what next? Pop more corn?


Sai Baba visited the United Arab Emirates (Dubai ‘for short’), and short story shorter, UAE was prayed a diplomatic mandate to help Nigeria fight corruption. How? – help fish out names of supposedly corrupt Nigerian officials who must have bought lush plush properties in their ever-glowing land….and, the ‘Sheikh’ something something said, Amen.

”FLASH: @NGRPresident gives Nigerian diplomats in UAE till the end of March to compile list of politically exposed Nigerians with properties”

Pictures courtesy @SaharaRerporters

But, now that these names are popping faster than the speed of fired corn, what’s really next? The real deal is not these revelations and allegations, No; the koko is speedy trials. Let’s just know what’s up at the court as soon as possible…faster than we are used to. Nigerians shouldn’t be made to pop more corn while watching and watching and yawning and back to watching the court and counter-court dramas unfold nollywoodically. Table charges against anyone (including some supposedly ‘saint-ed’ APC members), and perform their trials as fast as possible.

Please, Sai Baba and the Judiciary arm of government, biko, this isn’t a circus, we don’t want applause-intended shows of brawn, Nigeria needs these plundered monies back to get a track at least, and fast….because, #NoTime!

Just Please.

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