Obama’s replacement trumps Jonathan Goodluck’s substitute in my opinion


Eye kan lapo o san ju mewa n’nu igbe – a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Give me that bird at hand, vague promises never end well. One thing we can conveniently compare is leadership between arguably Africa’s largest economy and the America’s. Both America and Nigeria experience a similar transition from controversial, soft mannered, leaders to Aggressive figureheads. Obama gave way to Trump while Goodluck gave way to a new Nigerian president, but are we better off now?

The political and economic identities of the two nations were expected to experience a major overhaul but here we are, Nigeria with an empty throne. Sometimes I want to gloat because I wrote about the imminent economic failure of Nigeria in the hands of a repeat administrative style that had little or no focus on economics and diplomacy strategies in earlier military regime. Honestly I want a Trump in Nigeria, despite his aggressive stance.

At least you can see Trump responding to every threat from North Korea, while battling with the media scandal of Russia’s alleged involvement in election results. Trump is keeping it together, and he is just three (3) years younger than PMB. I don’t understand all this ritualistic and cultic approach we have to things surrounding leadership in Nigeria. I even see ministers and their wives taking pilgrimage visits to London. To appease their conscience about the vacancy they created in Aso Rock or what?

Buhari is 74 years Old as compared to Trump 71 years so really, old age is no excuse for this malady. The other day, the media adviser to the Presidency (Lauretta Onochie) advised us not to ask questions about the President’s health. When a literate, grown woman thinks it is only respectful to shut up while our civilisation burns off, we must know that we have only produced the worst of what humankind. This is Africa, not a jungle.

Trump is also almost as hated as Buhari, maybe even more because he is actively engaged with an economy that responds and acts appropriately.

The U.S. has recorded positive jumps with employment gaps closing up and G.D.P. growth as few indicators. All these in the midst of heavy criticism on policy decisions. Working or not, nothing can replace an active polity. As much as we have an Active vice president, he can never be replacement for the role of a President. The Presidency has no excuse for this messy joke that has been played on Nigerians. We cannot continue this way. Economic strategy should be foremost in  election choices come 2019. We don’t want charity cases, legalised tourists, pastors and imams, we simply want leaders.

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