It is okay not to like feminism but do not pass ignorance of it as fact


It is okay if you don’t like feminism, you don’t have to call yourself a feminist. The truth is, very few people care. You won’t be doing anyone a favour or disfavour, whichever be the case.

What isn’t ok is trying to make up stories in your head and pass them as facts.

In 2017, a graduate who spent years in the University said “I don’t identify as a feminist because I don’t know what it means. That is because all I see on social media are uncouth intolerant people.”

What happened to your dictionary? How did you pass through a University and still unable to use your dictionary to find the extensive definition on a term or an ideology? How did your brain degenerate so badly that you now wait on people in your virtual space, most of whom you have and will never meet to establish and define an ideology for you by the way they choose to behave? How do you people utter such disgraceful lines and still stand tall and breath gracefully?

Sorry, saying you don’t know the meaning of feminism because you’ve seen different feminists misbehave does NOT say bad about feminism, neither does it sound “woke”, it actually reveals how low your IQ is.

The amazing laughable irony is that this particular line is being peddled by mostly Christians and moslems who have not stopped identifying with their religions nor suddenly stopped knowing the meanings of their religions simply because there are different denominations of Christianity and different shades of Islam.

You haven’t stopped being a Christian or a moslem because boko haram, a sect that identifies as Islamic is one of the most blood thirsty sect the world has ever known, and that an alarming percentage of pedophiles are clergies, Christians and Muslims.

You haven’t stopped identifying with your religion because most of the atrocities on earth, including the non stop shooting in the US and the rest of the world are being done by religious people.

What do you tell us? You tell us those are not real Christians, you tell us that real Christianity is a Christ-like life according to the words of Jesus Christ. You tell us that those people do not define Christianity. You tell us that being a Christian doesn’t necessarily mean being a saint.

Yet, you turn around to say you aren’t a feminist or you don’t identify with feminists because some of them are rude on social media?

May I remind you that feminists have not bombed people like boko haram in the name of feminism?
May I remind you that there’s been no news of any killing in the media which has been linked to feminism?

If you can stick to your religion with a history of violence and mass killings claiming those killers don’t define your religion, then it makes no sense for you to turn around and say you are no more a feminist because feminists are rude on social media.

The last time I checked, murder, bombing, mass killings, slavery, child marriage, and most other atrocities committed by some of the most religious people in the world are a million times worse than being rude.

I’m intolerant as a feminist because I’ve got zero tolerance for anyone telling me that I’m inferior because I’m a woman.

I’m uncouth because if you come into my personal space to insult my intelligence by telling me that you are superior to me as a human because you stand to pee, and can hold your penis while peeing and use it to draw your head, I will tell you that your stupidity is on a life-threatening level.

If you come into my wall to tell me that I can’t be something or can’t do something because I’m a woman, I will block you not only out of my social media space, but out of my life forever.

I am a feminist for as long as I breathe, my heart pumps blood and my brain still works. I have validated myself, I don’t need anyone to validate me. I will devote my life and resources to keep fighting against all forms of gender inequality, gender injustices and sexism.

I didn’t adopt the tag because it looks cute, I grew up to realize that there is a name tag for people who reason like I do in terms of gender. I was a feminist from birth.

I will marry a feminist, and I will raise feminist children.

Look, I don’t have a problem with you refusing to align with feminism or feigning ignorance of the definition of feminism even though you can use that phone you are using to glorify your ignorance to help yourself on google. I just want to tell you that your reasons are by every reasonable, noble and logical standards dumb, lame, and they say ill about your IQ.

Listen, you owe no one no explanation why you aren’t a feminist. You can just say you aren’t and leave it at that. But please, if you want to give reason, make it an intelligent and logical one. Stop disgracing your village people.

In conclusion, just the way you haven’t stopped being a Christian or a Muslim because many Christians and Muslims have committed countless atrocities since the beginning of time, just the way you haven’t stopped identifying as a human because humans are evil and the heart of humans are desperately wicked, just the way you haven’t stopped being from your village because your village people have committed murder over and over again, so also I will NEVER stop being a feminist simply because some feminists are rude.

If you understand your reason for sticking with your religion, you shouldn’t have a problem understanding my reason for sticking with feminism.

If you can still identify with murderers, people who kidnap children and marry them, and con men who con poor people of their money and buy private jets, I can very well still identify with some rude people.

I started advocating feminism and gender equality when most people were scared to speak out on social media. Likewise, even if the whole world drops the tag, I will still wear it like a badge of honour, and pass on the almighty badge to my children, who will eventually pass it on to their children.

And just for the records, you can’t be a humanist and be a against feminism. That’s like a Christian who is against Jesus Christ.

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