Parents please stop sexualizing your children

protect your children

Protect your children

I sat in church behind a lady and her three very beautiful daughters. There was a man at the end of her row who was obviously not related to her in any way.

Her daughter’s wanted to use the restroom and as they stepped out of their row, I saw the man’s eyes follow this little children who wouldn’t be more that 5 -8 years old. I saw the way he looked at them and I almost slapped his head while regardless of where of I was. I noticed his eyes followed one of them particularly, she wasn’t more than 6 years old and was really pretty, slim and a little light skinned. His eyes rested on her little backside, she was wearing an extremely short gown that I had already cringed when I first saw it. I was disgusted and vexed in my spirit to say the least.

Dear Parents, I know you like those Instagram photos where your kids are dressed “to slay” and you guys are both wearing matching outfits. I know you like the beautiful pictures where kids are made to look grown up and they’re pouting and dabbing and all sorts. I like them too. However I beg you in the name of whatever you hold sacred, stop sexualizing your children by their dressing. There are evil men on the lose and they are everywhere. They are in schools, churches, extramural lessons, amongst relatives, etc. You don’t dress your boys scantily, why do it to your girls? Why objectify or sexualize them so early?

I wear shorts a lot. I love short dresses. However I wear them when I’m in a car or in a controlled environment. When I travel abroad I wear it everywhere. I don’t do it because it’s not my right to wear these things but because we live in a jungle with animals who want to “chook” their penis into every single hole they can find, even an underdeveloped one! Some would rape unborn babies if you let them!

That said, RAPE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER not even the nakedness of a grown woman lying on the street. However why am I organising a free self defense training for ladies? it is as a protective measure against rape. Dear Parents, protect your children. Don’t let one idiot destroy them so that no matter how far you try to push them, their lives have already been damaged. Talking from now till tomorrow won’t change the fact that paedophiles and rapists exists, many dressed in suit and some shouting “feminism” on social media.

We can only be wise and do all we can to avoid them including prayers. Catching and dealing with them would be great in minimising this evil however we know how our system works. Even if our system was a lot better, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

P.s. Any man who uses indecent dressing as an excuse for rape, or who thinks this article is meant to warn women about dressing to avoid being raped is a closet rapist. Sound the alarm because they abound.

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