Peter Obi for president?! Why can’t Nigerians chill first?!

peter obi speech

Peter Obi for President? We are so very easily swayed as a nation. Rousing, expository and practically original speech by the well-read and experienced ex-Governor.

I do, however, find the premature e-calls for Peter Obi for President in 2019 as yet another product of our barbarian emotions as a people.

I am not against the thought of a Peter Obi for president. I’m not against him taking up another role in the corridors of governance. Rather, this post is more concerned about the way the average Nigerian gets easily swayed, easily tossed, easily oscillated by anything; anything at all, especially when it concerns electing leadership.

The speech was articulate, powerful and relevant. But is that enough reason to crown him king already?

It is the reason why we are where we as a nation today: stuck with an incumbent government that is committed to Change but not competent for Change. Simply because we didn’t ask “HOW”, we just heard “WHAT”, and we entered barbarian mode and started wielding brooms.

Peter Obi spoke so well – fact. He seems to know his onions and he has results to show for this – fact. What is ‘fact-er’, however, than these facts from that speech; what is exposed again from the barbarian response to that speech, is our common penchant to deify or enthrone individuals in a minute, instead of readying them for servant-hood and service through dispassionate praise and candid questioning. And it is this trait that is our undoing as a people. We shout uhuru when it’s not yet it.

In the Nigeria today, we have a structure set only to produce organised chaos in almost every facet. Our follower-ship has been reduced to throwing away civic duty at the altar of daily bread. The way the country is set up right now, a Saint as President will only fare as a sinner. For we have failed to understand and accept this basal prognosis for our failure.

Nigerian politicians have no clue because the Nigeria people have no clue. When Alexis de Tocqueville, Joseph de Maistre and Abraham Lincoln all opined that “a people get the kind of leaders/government they deserve,” they were neither drunk on ponkiriyon nor high on Oshogbo weed. And it is this kind of premature and barbarian charge to things that cost us the chance to use clue, to follow the right cue in identifying and electing true-cum-prepared leaders who must have answered our questions in HOW to get things done……HOW?

If elections were held tomorrow, I don’t have to tell us that these diarrhoea-like Peter Obi worshippers will get him elected into office. And just like what we have now, he would struggle to function but be easy to fumble. And that’ll be partly because we did not “help” him to honestly feel the obligation to assess the extent of the challenge before him.

The Nigerian follower-ship needs a paradigm shift in thought and beliefs for us to conquer our retrogression. Some of us are already working on that, employing every opportunity to talk to the heart of the Nigerian by words and works. We believe it would work, and we won’t be dampened by recurring symptoms like this #PeterObi2019 one.

What we need isn’t actually another #PeterObi2019 hashtag per se. What we need as a people is to hash off this tag of shallowness that keeps plaguing our tomorrows from today. We must step up first, as a people, to a level where anyone with political office intentions will know that the people he wants to serve are stakeholders, not cheerleaders who will canonise him or her to cluelessness and death.

Peter Obi spoke well about his deeds in Anambra, and just like many of us, I was very impressed with his practical and pragmatic approach to financing the state. He is a great material for further roles in governance, but don’t let us lose him to our premature clamour.

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  1. Am not for Peter Obi for President neither am I against his candidature. If the Nigerian people vote for people who have history for been pragmatic and something to show, Nigeria would have been a better place. Our political choices are based towards nepotism, religious and regional sentiments etc. If you followed the Platform well, you would have known its high time we gave intellects a chance before we can move forward as a people.Today Minister of communication is a lawyer,SAN. We must put intellects with pragmatic approaches in the right places.

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