Phyno is back and I’m in love afresh with Fada Fada!


“Every day by day I just dey celebrate o! Eeehhh!
Efritin I do, e just dey penetrate o, eeehhh!
I just want to say thank you, Jehovah o! Eeehhh!
See, I’m living large, I get angels for my gate o, eeehhh!
Never forget where I come from, na from ghetto, eeehhh!
…Fada Fada eeehhh! Fada Fada eeehhh!”

See ehn, lemme tell you people sontin: nothing can separate me from my love of Igbo musicians and their style of singing. Nothing!

Oliver De Coque o, Flavour Nabania o, Phyno o, they’re all my boos and whenever I hear “Connect”,”Nwa Baby” or “Osinachi”, the beats get me all:

How I get when I hear Phyno Fino singing

What I can’t even understand is how my tall, yellow glass of water sang a song and it took me this long to hear about it! And Olamide, my Yoruba boo featured in it also!! Tomato and cost of petrol won’t even allow somebody to be great. Hian!

So, here’s the part I’m struggling to say, and please don’t hate me, but…Olamide’s part was my least favourite part of the song. There. I said it. His rap just seemed like a jingle for Ambode, and I’m sure the good governor of Lagos State is probably paying handsomely for all these shout-outs (think Lagos Boys and I Love Lagos), and I seem to remember Sunny Ade doing something similar – dedicating whole songs to benefactors at the time, but I do not need every song to become an ATM machine for my Bariga Bae.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Phyno though!!! Fada Fada has me feeling like I’m in one Christ Apostolic Church in Enugu and the choir is turnt! I’m out here with my handkerchiefs and this yansh must shake to the glory of God! It is not surprising that this is termed ‘Ghetto Gospel’ as that is exactly what it is. This song is instantly addictive and I am here for it.

I’m sure I don’t need to point out that this is a Penthauze production and Clarence shot it – the entire ensemble is what we’ve come to expect from Phyno, Penthauze and the YBNL crew – polished to a high standard while retaining the sound, tone and voice of the streets.

Phyno can’t dance for toffee, but it’s a good thing we can, because we have just found a song to replace ‘God Win’ – a feel-good dance song that can be played at receptions, birthdays and just about every owambe going. Thank you, Phyno, we’re going to be jamming this one for a while!

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