Pray for Ibinabo Fiberesima? Nollywood actress’ appeal dismissed

Ibinabo Fiberesima court case

Ibinabo Fiberesima court case

“Let’s pray for Ibinabo.”

That phrase has gone viral on the Social Media circuit. I first came across it on a friend’s Facebook timeline.

In fact, I was automatically composing my Rest In Peace comment, when I looked up and saw a vitriolic comment above mine.

Then I remembered the story.

Oh! That Nollywood actress,  Ibinabo Fiberesima, who was involved in fatal car accident some ten years ago!

I also recollected, faintly, that one Dr Giwa or so, lost his life and that Ibinabo did a fast Nollywood-like disappearance from the scene of the accident, leaving the poor doctor for dead in the mangled car.

So wetin come cause prayer for Ibinabo, ten years after ?

Apparently, Ibinabo was charged to a Magistrate Court for the offence of Dangerous Driving or so and was found guilty. She was jailed for five years with the option of a 100,000 Naira fine. I am sure she paid the fine on the spot and went home.

If na you nko?

Naturally, the prosecution and the deceased doctor’s family were miffed and appealed to the High Court, who rejected the option of a fine but affirmed the five year jail sentence.

Ibinabo appealed the High Court judgement and was bailed to gbaladun her life and continue her glamorous career pending the hearing of her appeal.

However, on the 11th of March 2016, ten years after the fact, and many globe trotting and  Nollywood films, Justice served Ibinabo her cold desserts.

The Appeal court threw out the appeal and sent her to serve the original five years jail sentence. Ouch!

She has also appealed that judgement to the Supreme Court and is currently struggling to get another bail, pending her appeal.

Na now the real  tory come start so.

So what are her friends praying for o?

Are they praying that she gets another bail pending her appeal? Well to me, that is not a bad prayer point. Kontinuu.

Although, the prayer warriors should remember that Justice can be very patient, but it will not go away. So why postpone doomsday ?

Abi, are her friends praying that the Supreme court Judges suddenly develop Judicial Warapa, with spit drooling from their wise mouths, and overturn the decision of both the High Court and the Court of Appeal?

They must have been watching too many fictional Nollywood films.

Because E no go happen lai lai, or else, Jesus must have truly walked on water.

Wo, let me just give you Fire on the Mountain Prayer warriors some beer parlour advice (a drunk always rambles, but many truths dey inside the rambling).

mazi abes corner - final

Direct your prayer point at a 50/50 compromise. By appealing all the judgments, Ms Ibinabo has not shown remorse for her crime or to the bereaved family.

Her main concern is not going to jail. Period.

Her case is just like Senator Saraki’s own. The more she appeals, the less public support or sympathy. If she had accepted the five years jejely, she would have served maybe one year for good behavior and small-small bribing here and there.

So just pray that the punishment is divided into two. Two and a half years imprisonment for IB, and the rest for the suffering and anguish the family of Doctor Giwa have been through, since the past ten years and more to come.

Our GOD is a fair GOD. He might listen.

However, be careful when you are praying and don’t annoy Baba God o.

Remember the full sentence for her crime is seven years. The Supreme Court could decide to give her the maximum for wasting the time of the courts and not giving the family closure.

That is another prayer point.

Take Mazi’s 50/50 option and go home with it.


Happy a great week.

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