Your passion

Your passion

Should I quit my Job to Package my Passion?

The title above is a question that plays in the mind of so many people I meet on a regular basis. There is this seemingly conflict between holding down a job and pursuing something they love to do. Well, there is no right or wrong way to answer this question. Some will argue that you need to put your heart and soul into packaging your passion to make it work. While some will say you need to have a regular source of income to tide you over until you can stand on your own two financial feet.

Well, both parties are right in a sense. Here is what I have noticed with so many people that leave work abruptly to package their passion and most likely start a business, they tend to go back to work because of lack of a solid plan. The other side of the fence is for those who stay in work and never allow their businesses or concepts to grow beyond where they started. As with any other case, there are always exceptions to the rule.
Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision at the right time.

Your Finances Matter
If you have dependents, a mortgage to pay and other commitments you can’t shift, do not throw caution to the wind and quit your job just yet. I was privileged to get the cushion of redundancy money that gave me some leverage in the first few months. Later on, I had to turn to the ‘Bank of Husband’ until my business picked up. Of course, that put financial pressure on our finances for a while which others may not be able to embrace. Make sure you are conversant with your monthly income and expenses. Know how much your concept has to generate to be able to pay you an equivalent or close enough salary. Then plan how to integrate your budget into your plan and make it happen before you change your job status.

Do Not Be Hasty
Too many people in their bid to step out of their comfort zone just jump way over the fence and out of the right perimeter. What do I mean by this? Just because you have been advised to step out of your comfort zone does not you have to start in haste and without a plan. Packaging your passion is a timed process, and you have to be willing to wait it out to make it work. Haste makes mistakes; you can’t afford to be hasty in achieving the success you deserve. Even if you do not like your boss, do not cut off your nose to spite your face – patiently plan your exit route.

Planning Matters
They say ‘to fail to plan, is to plan to fail’. If you want to achieve continued success, you have to effectively plan your exit from your job. It could take a year, two years or more but you will be better for it if you work with a plan. A well thought-through plan enables you to take steady steps towards your goal with the assurance that you will get the outcome you deserve. If you intend to leave your full-time employment in two years’ time or reduce your hours, you need to put a plan in place now. The plan should include how you intend to manage your finances, your time, personal commitments,demands of business growth among other things. Planning is a great way to visualise the future you want and gives you the energy to work hard to attain it.

Do Not Cut Corners
Too many people in their bid to achieve accelerated results are willing to cut corners to get there. The lessons you would have learnt through the process will come back to bite you if you avoid them earlier on your journey. Do not shy away from the lessons you will learn when you are juggling work and packaging passion. These experiences are pivotal to your development and will help you achieve long-term growth.

Time Management
If you have to work and package your passion, time management is an essential prerequisite for growth. Schedule time on a daily basis when you will focus on developing and growing your concept. If you can afford two or three hours a week, then so be it. Make sure you maximise the time and do not use it for other tasks. Great focus is the key to success.

Acknowledge Your Strengths
Many of us can’t do without a regular income, the lack of it can add unwarranted strain to what we hope to achieve. If you know you can’t cope without the income, you can gradually find a way to reduce your expenses. This may pave way for you to cut your hours so you have more time to develop your concept.

Keep Your Nearest and Dearest Informed
Make sure your family and close friends are aware of your plan so they can also work alongside you too. It will help if they consider your options before they finalise any financial plans. Otherwise, it could put a strain on your relationship and your budget too.

Your goals to package your passion is achievable if you create a plan to work with and include all the tips above. 90% of my clients hold down a job for a while before they establish their passion and make it their full-time income. You can do the same thing too if you so desire. On the other hand, if your job affords you the access to a network of people who can help you grow your business, your job might be worth keeping.  Whatever you do, count the cost before you take action to package your passion.

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I am cheering you on.

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