Re: TABOO or A BOO? Has the Oluwo of Iwo returned to his truth?


Following widespread criticism that meted the swaggalicious throne-theatrics of His Royal Majesty, the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi recently, it seems the fine boy Oba has read the clear handwriting on the wall oh and has embraced his roots !

More pictures of the King decked in kingly* regalia truly befitting of a real Yoruba Oba were shared on Facebook by one named Mayegun Iwo Tella and a friend of the VN house, Bayo Adeyinka

This Oba and ako (posing) sha…..alanposer King …hahaha. .nice one


Yeah…more like it..more like it


Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi be like...” Mo ti gbo yin oh (I have heard you oh)…no more birisope jeans on the throne”… .LOL


Oba Akanbi be like….”Mayegun Iwo, but you know I will miss my Italian Blazers and Levi Jeans sha. ..” ….Hahaha


Really, even too play football? Ha! Oba Akanbi, e reach this level? Ko le to yi oh…hahaha…Oya, sorry, we didn’t mean to make you ditch jerseys too….LOL …The Abetiaja is on fleek tho 


And it’s a goal!!!


That’s what I’m talking about… Y O R U B A !!!


Oba Akanbi, you too see now…aren’t you better like this, even more swaggalicious? In fact …KAAAAAABIESI OOOOH! 


So from this…. this,

Does all these proof that our dear Oba is now *back home*???


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  1. “…the hood does not make the monk, but the monk takes the hood as part of his paraphernalia. While the Oluwo is no less a frontline Kabiyesi by decking his natty jeans, the wearing of agbada, buba and sokoto, gbariye, sanyan, etu, alabangada, doesn’t say also he’s not our father.

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