The Redeemed Christian Church of God, the temple, and the den of thieves


It’s been a while I wrote something, and why? You can’t write when you are hungry. In this harsh economy, I have not been spared. Everyone seems to have been hit hard except The Redeemed Christian Church of God, or to be specific RCCG Region 14, wherever that is.

In these perilous times, please take a look at what they are asking members to sacrificially sacrifice.

Redeemed Christian Church of God Request


It is almost giving off a babalawo vibe with the “Bring a chicken leg and white rat tail,” except this time, hard cash is involved. One million naira for divine sacrifice? Wait sef, what is that? What does one get in return for this humongous sacrifice? This is land money oh, or rent for about three years in some places. This is what somebody is expected to give as sacrifice to the RCCG (we know this is where the money is really going as we all know God doesn’t spend naira. He is a Big God).

Okay, so before I continue, lemme just leave this here:

Bible Verse - Matthew 21 12-13

Ehen, where were we? We are now at the point where churches now categorise how much you pay for the specific blessing you want, kai. Next Level sacrifices better give you the gift of astral projection o!

The Head Church found out about this travesty and decided to issues a disclaimer. We were all delighted – couldn’t wait for RCCG to distance themselves from this manner of daylight robbery and theft. After all, we all know that Jesus only got angry once in the Bible and it was over this issue of monetising His father’s Name/House/Word. We were like “Oooooooh, give it to them, Pastor Adeboye!”

Here is the disclaimer:

Redeemed Christian Church of God Response


Oh. Okay. The pastor in charge did this without their approval? You can’t expect is to take you seriously as you deny all knowledge and then in the same breath say “Beht giving is God’s principle o, and we encourage you to do so but it’s not by force.”

In a lot of ways, RCCG’s response is way more troubling than the initial shopping catalogue, if we wanted to write that off as just an error in judgement from an overzealous Region Leader abi Adeboye Boy Scout or Daddy Disciple or whatever they go by these days. The response is RCCG saying that the approach is wrong but the spirit remains the same – bring what you have, all you have, whatever you can find, and bring it to us that we might bless you according to how you give.

Widow’s mite? That widow would have been dead if these people had been in charge at the time! RCCG don’t need a farthing, they need millions, people. Get your givin’ on!

A church is supposed to find ways to save its members money and resources, to provide. How can you deprive a member of a month’s salary? How can you take? How morally bankrupt must one be to even set these prices and categories? Is it now a market place?

Churches sometimes make it look like if you don’t give God a certain amount of money, He will not answer your prayers. Members get hit with the “sow a seed then wait for your miracle” line.

That’s absolute total BS.

If God wants to hear you, He will, whether you sow moringa seed or 2 million naira. People complain everyday and clergy men seem to be the only ones fattening up on citizens sacrifice. “God loves a cheerful giver,” they say; they should be the givers for once and give back to the self same community they take from.

I blame the people who let themselves get taken advantage of. Some people may not have as much as 20,000 naira to feed their families, but pastor says sow a seed and they will borrow that money from friends and family just to sow that seed.

If 1,000 people in the church sow the seed for just common Greatness Sacrifice at N200,000 each, that becomes 200,000,000 naira, beg mouth dey pain me to pronounce it, count the zero on your own and let me not break my heart by myself.

Does the RCCG even know how much that is?? Oh, wait – of course they do, that’s why they put the price list together in the first place, right? And all that money goes to whom? RCCG can claim no knowledge all they want. It’s a lie. It’s not today this started happening. If you can’t keep regions in order, then close them down.

People need to know you should not become mumu because of religion. If you want to give to a church, do what you can afford and of your own volition, not because they asked you to or make it look like to get certain need from God, you need to. That’s false. He blesses who he blesses regardless of how many chicken heads and rat tails you offer as sacrifice. Stop the foolishness. In Nigeria of today every penny counts and the church does not need it more than you do. Do not let people buy jets with your money. Set your own price and not bargain.Blessings are gifts.not goods and services.

Bible Verse - Psalm 51 16-17

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  1. This is one touchy area many won’t like to talk abt. Pls give sacrificial offering to ur neighbour who has got no food. The Kidd trekking to school in ur neighbourhood be a good xtian and EPP. But thank you for doing justice to it

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