My opinion on Caroline Danjuma’s tedious rant: “Women are the architects of their own misery”

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I was almost not going to respond to the inane ramblings of a certain Ms Danjuma that came across my desk today. I was going to file it under “Another day; another celeb saying something they shouldn’t” right under sub-section “Not my circus, not my monkeys”. It is in the best interest of one’s sanity to not attend every battle one is called to, even if the evisceration would be su-weeeeet!

Her comment:

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But this got my goat for two reasons: firstly Caroline Danjuma’s statement was made on International Women’s Day – a day set apart for uplifting and celebrating women, and spurring younger women to greater heights of achievements.

Listen, you don’t have to get on the bus. You don’t have to believe in women’s equality or the good fight that thousands of women have fought so that you may have the right to go out in public without your husband, wear your miniskirts or even attain the education required to spew your bile. But if you don’t want none, then stay in your lane of ignorance. Do not try to drag younger girls who are on the fence down into your cesspit with you. Get off the bus and stay on the roadside. That’s your constitutional right.

The second reason I just had to respond is insidious nature of the post.

If this person had come out and said “Me, I don’t like women and if you want to gitchu a billionaire like me so you can sit at home all day playing with your hair and nails, then you must eschew all this Feminist crap” – then I would have allowed her. She is clearly putting her mouth where her money is (no error) and she has the requisite ring to back up her thought process.

But when you throw around words like “Queens” not supporting each other, low self-esteem, and women bitching at one another, the falsehoods all seem to have a strain of truth to them and one might get carried away in the euphoria of it all.

It’s like when a pastor says something so fast and hollers “Praise Jesus!!!” at the end. The Spirit is moving so deeply that you don holla “Hallelu!” before you realise that you have just signed yourself to the seventh circle of hell.

Lean back, Caro – din’t nobody crown you. Don’t let the sycophants deceive you into thinking that that top bun on your head is a crown. Not every woman is a queen any more than every man is a king. Women can pull down as much as men can. Anybody who believes that men are more supportive of each other has clearly never been to a team meeting or seen the inner workings of the corridors of power, or even seen a man gunning for a position.

And so what if we are given to bitching? Is that really the worst thing a person can do that should deserve such a harsh statement like “There will never be equal rights for women in employment, political positions, social, educational and cultural sectors”?

Have we started any wars? Carried out any ethnic cleansing or genocides? Has our bitching about what Aramide wore to the office party been responsible for poverty? What about slavery? Was that a direct response to that one time Hauwa said Kelechi sleeps around and we’re not even sure that her husband is the father of her child? Caro, mind ya sef. Mind ya sef.

So men have been responsible for most if not all of the ills of our known planet and it is women who are their own worst enemy? Oops, careful, Caro luv, your shackles are showing ever so slightly.

Perhaps if the good Mr Danjuma were to buy you a book (Caro, not OK or Hello magazine o…you know what, never mind, Google it), you would know that due to the unending efforts by WOMEN who uplift and support other WOMEN, we have WOMEN today who are CEOs, MD, army generals, prime ministers, queens, presidents and leaders besides. But I guess they don’t discuss that in the nail salons, huh?

Listen, stay in your mansion and don’t look for my trouble this afternoon, sweet pea. Nobody called for you. Lord knows when we need tips on how to snag and marry a billionaire or the hardships of what fabric to wear, we will be sure to holla, but till then, do NOT demean the tireless work done by women to take us to the next step with one careless statement.

I repeat: nobody sent for you.

Lemme breathe and refresh y’all’s memory with some pictures of some wonderful powerful ladies o jare (thank you, Interwebs, for these fine fine pictures):

Ursula Burns - Chairman CEO Xerox
Ursula Burns – Chairman CEO Xerox


Carla Harris
Carla Harris, vice chairman of wealth management, managing director and senior client adviser, Morgan Stanley; appointed by Obama as Chairperson, National Women’s Business Council


Mellody Hobson — President, Ariel Investments; chair of the board of directors, Dreamworks Animation
Mellody Hobson — President, Ariel Investments; chair of the board of directors, Dreamworks Animation


Debra Lee; chairman and CEO, BET
Debra Lee; chairman and CEO, BET


Erin Teague; director of product, Yahoo

Erin Teague; director of product, Yahoo


Cathy Hughes, Radio One

Cathy Hughes, CEO Radio One


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  1. I’m sorry but it is ladies like Ms Danjuma who are letting the side down. We have advocated for freedom of speech without reckoning this kind of assault by an unmoored political opportunist who trashes the whole of womandom under the guise of speaking in our best interest! What an assault?!?!
    Shame on you Caroline!

    • It’s really shameful because that’s the main problem – Caro is masking her own shortcomings and opinions as fact and valid reasons to spew these dangerous allegations. There will probably be ladies reading it and thinking “It’s true, I had one female boss that was wicked” without thinking of how many male bosses they’ve had who haven’t been exactly stellar. The entire rhetoric just ticks me off. She really should hang her head in shame!

  2. This is typically what happens when one decides to “say sut’n when they know nut’n”… & on IWD at that. As a wife and a mum, Sisi Caro should know better. But hey…it is what it is, eh.

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