Saudi women driving no longer illegal as king lifts ban


It’s inconceivable to believe that this is still a ‘thing’ in 2017, but here we are. For a long time, Saudi Arabia remained the only country in the world with this archaic ban, but last night, King Salman surprised the nation by issuing a decree. Saudi women driving is no longer illegal, and they are to be issued drivers licences.

It’s not immediate; there will be a ministerial body set up 🙄 and the law will officially come into place in June next year, but we are grateful for a move in the right direction, I suppose.

This law was apparently enforced for years because Saudi law believed that driving damaged women’s ovaries and led to promiscuity. Because once you learn how to master the biting point on a Benz, your legs will just stay open like a 7-11, I guess. Men making daft rules since 19-kpiridim.

This new decree by King Salman refers to the “negative consequences of not allowing women to drive the vehicle and the positive aspects of allowing it”. It adds that the “majority” of senior scholars viewed allowing women to drive as “legitimate”.

Oh, as long as the senior scholars are alright with it then.

However they try to slice it, dice it or justify it, I’m just glad Saudi Arabia is finally receiving sense. Congratulations to all the women in that country: one more step towards emancipation and equality!

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