Set yourself free from people’s expectations and opinions

live for yourself

live for yourself

Nigerian men don’t like loud girls

They don’t like opinionated women

They don’t like sexually adventurous women

They don’t like women who aren’t domesticated

In this Country, it’s a big deal to be single above 30, be divorced or be a single parent

The quest to live up to other people’s expectations is the bane of the average Nigerian’s existence -especially the Nigerian woman; even I get caught up in this bubble sometimes

However I hope you do something; live for yourself.

Be yourself, the right person/people will love and accept you as you are. In fact they will celebrate your authenticity.

Set yourself free from people’s expectations and opinions.

If you don’t like something about your life or situation, do something practical about it.

Don’t stay forever whining and complaining; make a decision and take action

And do it for YOU! Not your family, not your church, not your work, not society. No one.

Change your crowd if they make you unable to live your authentic self

Don’t pretend, don’t live under pressure doing things just to meet up perceived expectations

If you can’t afford something, own it. If you can, own it and enjoy it.

Look out for yourself, others are doing same.

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