What SHADE is black skin? The melodrama around melanin – Temidayo

Black Skin

Black is beautiful
“I like light-skinned women.”

The entire black community goes ape-shit.

“Aah! You are brainwashed by dem whities! Black is beautiful. Why can’t you see that black is beautiful???

“All these bleached out yellow paw paw girls. No real black girls around anymore. They all want to be white. I want me some black berries. Oh give me a bllack beauty with big arse right now.
I need to feel me some black mama!”
Black Skin Differences

More crazy talk follows. More disrespect along lines of sexual objectification.

It seems we black people just revel in ignorance.

What SHADE is black skin? At what point is skin dark enough to be “black”?

Going by the madness all females described as “light-skinned” or “fair” might as well commit suicide.

And their female cohorts do not help matters. Mention “light”, the natural synonym seems to be “bleach”.
Black Skin -2

The psychological manipulation is especially primitive and perverse in its operation.

It’d seem that at no time can two women be permitted to exist as different but equal entities. One must be held in contention versus the other, and so must cancel her “rival” out or be cancelled.

What determines blackness can only be race. Ours will not be different from the uniform human standard simply because we enjoy our silliness a bit much.

Enough of the “intellectually cool” denigration of light-skinned females in all this pan-African, pro-black pretentious idiocy.
Black Skin -3

If a caucasian man based the racial authenticity of the women of his race on whether they got a tan or not, we’d conclude some mental illness.

Why is such so acceptable with us just because we are low expectation people?

Declaring black women who lighten their skin for any reason, or were born light-skinned as “white wannabes” or “inauthentic black” is just too silly.

We always counter a preference for lighter-hued females by throwing baseless accusations of “self hate” or “jungle fever” around.

What happened to simple CHOICE?
Black Skin

And why must a love for light skin lead to a contentious parade of “competing” dark skins?

Are you pretenders not really over-compensating for perhaps a deep-seated guilt from concealed inadequacy?

If you thought “black beauty” was really beautiful there would be no need to insinuate “brainwashing”. You secretly feel that dark skin shades need affirmative action to be beautiful.

Be ashamed. You are projecting.

Dear women, before you go off on a woman for her colour, ask yourself:

How many times do you hear a man put down another fot their skin tone when you say you want a “tall, dark handsome” man only?

Don’t you see that you are just auditioning for male acceptance?

Quit. Grow up. Stop the instinctive competition with other females.

It’s played out crap.

Your skin is just a covering for your organs.

You are a black woman, nwver mind your skin tone or shade.

Moisturize your skin. Be clean. Wear nice underwear. Read a lot. Have some usable book smarts and money of your own.

There are more important things than being put on display by lascivious men without knowledge.

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  1. Dear Contributor

    Once upon a time we were all one colour. Then came slavery and colonialism. The history of the African diaspora was based on skin shade. Divide and Rule. When the white man raped the African woman during slavery and she was forced to give birth to a mixed race child, that child grew up being told by the white man that he was superior to the others and was therefore privileged – eg. working in the house rather than the field, better food, a good education. They grew believing in their superiority and behaved as such, lauding it over the dark skinned. They only mated with each other in order to maintain the almost white skin. Dark skinned people walked through the back door, never the front. They were always black and ugly regardless of their beauty.The worse was always expected of them. People used to consciously choose their partner by shade just to have the perfect shade child – not too dark not too light with pretty hair. The latter is increasing with women preferring mixed race children.

    In some Caribbean countries, up until the late 80s, most dark skinned people could not get a front of house job because their shade offended.

    So,what you Nigerians are talking about now is simply a continuation of the past, albeit from a different angle.

    In London,I have heard black men say “I don’t dance with women who look like you” meaning dark skinned. Far from being shallow, this is very deep.

    As for bleaching, I have heard many Nigerian women say that it will get them a rich husband. Bleaching is a state of mind. Lack of self. Just like those who are not only afraid but ashamed to show their natural hair so they wear weaves that look like a matted rug or longer than even the average white woman.

    As a race, we need a Shrink, not bleach cream or weave.

    Hail, Alek Wek.

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