Sigh. Syria air strikes: MPs authorise UK action against Islamic State

BBC Parliament agrees to Syria air strikes

We sort of guessed they would, but there is still something heartbreaking about hearing a group of people who live in lovely houses in calm, picturesque Britain approve bombing the shit out of men, women and children who have already known more pain, war, and suffering than most of us could believe possible.

Once again, this will not be a war but entitled ethnic cleansing portrayed in its most dignified disguised.

My world continues to burn because men in power (and bulletproof vests) order it so.

MPs have overwhelmingly voted by 397 to 223 to authorise UK air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria.

The BBC understands 67 Labour MPs sided with the government in backing military action, as David Cameron secured a larger than expected Commons majority.

During a 10-hour debate, the prime minister argued that action against the “medieval monsters” of IS was legal and would “keep our country safe”.

The government has said bombing raids will begin “as soon as [is] practical”.

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