Sigh…that moment when Naija Facebook ninjas are your marriage counsellors


Naija pipo, you people can be harsh sha! This marriage thing sef, is it by force??

So I read a topic on a Facebook group where a woman wrote in asking for help. She said she is married to a smoker and can’t stand the taste of nicotine on his breath when he tries to kiss her or the smell that comes from him when they are laying together.

She says when they were courting, he swore upandan that he would quit and put so much effort into trying to keep it far from her – never smoking around her, always having mints or gum on him, and brushing his teeth whenever he used to come to see her.

Now, he is laid back about the whole thing. Although he’s stopped short of smoking in the home, he smokes in front of her when they’re out and doesn’t bother with the mints anymore.

She can’t stand the smell and it’s driving a wedge between them and their intimacy. What to do?

Here comes chill-free Nigerians:

  • Kiss him more! Then after sex, softly let him know how you feel about his habit and in time he will quit.
  • If you don’t like it, stop kissing him as simple as dat. But don’t be surprised if another woman kisses him o!
  • Stupid woman. If u really loved him, you won’t remember he smokes when kissing him (this was from a woman. Least now I know love should indeed be blind).
  • My dear, you can’t change an adult unless s/he really wants to change. See ehn, make love with him to the point that he sees every reason to tell you “I love you”. Make him happy! Make him happy, and then on a very quiet and lovely mood, tell him how you feel. If he still refuses, inbox me and I will give you another style that will change him. But don’t forget o, first you have to arrest him spiritually first (prayer).

Hian. Somebody will die of cancer from passive smoking listening to these advisers. Either that over-sexing while waiting for oga to quit!

What would you guys recommend to this lady and her hubby?


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