How to stop Whatsapp from sharing your personal data with Facebook

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There was a time that I lived in fear of Amazon’s sorcery. It did not matter what you put into a Google search, Amazon would turn up as the first purveyor. You could enter a search for ‘baddest egusi soup ever liveth‘ and Amazon would come up on page one of Google, advising you that one of their retailers, Eba Is Bae sells it. And with Amazon Prime, you could get it that afternoon. Oh, and would you fancy some accessories like chilled pure water sachet to go with your order? Thereafter, you would see adverts and banners for oha soup, ukodo and ewedu on every web page you open. Because Amazon was a sorcerer.

But that was before I met Facebook. Facebook has taken over from Amazon when it comes to privacy invasion and wizardry. Indeed, Facebook is the Darth Vader of cookies, caches and content theft. Facebook knows stuff about people who don’t even use Facebook – even if all they know is that they live on xyz street in xyz town and they don’t use Facebook.

When Facebook bought Whatsapp, the chat app swore up and down that they would not reveal our most treasured and prized data that they held to their Sith Lord master. Whatsapp has our phone numbers, our chats and *gasp* our nudes. And they swore and swore that this content would not be made public.

They lied.

How To Opt Out Of The Nonsense

Facebook will shortly be using Whatsapp data for ads unless you tell it not to. It would seem on the face of it that you must agree to the T&Cs in order to continue using your favourite chat app, but this is not the case. It is actually a simple but hidden solution to keeping the two app knowledge bases separate.


  1. If you have not yet already done so, when the T&Cs pop up in front of your screen for the first time, do NOT click “agree”. Navigate to the smaller “read more” option, and untick the box that says “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook”.
  2. If you’ve already accepted those new terms, you can still opt out – as long as it’s within 30 days. Head to the settings menu in the app, and pressing on the account tab. One of the options is “share my account info” button. Simply untick and revoke your permission.

Facebook swears that the reason for this data-sharing is to improve the type of adverts you see on the apps. We do not care. Certainly, we hope that this option stays open indefinitely, but somehow, I am not convinced. The social media app seems to be undeterred in its bid for world domination and ownership, and we are not at all comfortable with it.

The video above from The Independent if you require greater clarity.

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