The Sultan of Sokoto, the ram-less Eid Ul Fitr, and that ‘elusive’ moon


It is 2016, and we are in the time of massive scientific discoveries and inventions in astronomical realms . We now have ultra-modern, high-tech instruments with which we can map Lunar events.

We wait for one person who they say are the Sultan of some place at the edge of the world called Sokoto to get word from stragglers and cow herders that the new moon which signals the end of Ramadan has been sighted.

With naked eyes.

In 2016.

Aside the scientific primitivity, there is the offensive political chauvinism and the cultural silliness to consider.

Why on earth should Yoruba Muslims who claim to be enlightened and independent wait for a Gambari sectional head to lead them on the same merry-go-round every year?

Why can’t Yoruba Muslims create their own counterpart religious leaders from whom they would take directives at times like these?

Are you all so sold out to that brigand, Alimi?

This has been the stock in trade of this present Sultan and the one he succeeded.

They are always messing up the sighting of the moon.

Anyway for those asking, today marks the 30th day of Ramadan, so Sallah is tomorrow (Wednesday).

Work resumes on Friday.

Don’t forget to still be embarrassed though.

Our country in 2016 takes directives from nature as relayed by humans with outdated instruments to determine if our stock markets will run or not. If our banks, hospitals, schools and public corporations will be open for business.

Sugar cane hawkers would sight the moon and go inform their Sultan.


In 2016.

Nigeria. Na beg I dey.

Make una try borrow small shame. Abeg!

The world has moved on.

All of which no pain me o. No.

But wait first. So after following my dear Muslims friends to “fast in the spirit”, and observe Iftar in the physical, a very sacrificial something.

So much so that I changed my name to “Abdulrahman oloruko-nla”, you guys now tell me this is the Eid Ul Fitr celebration without the Ram part.

Just negodu. Ees eet good?? Change your ways o, Al Janna is real o!

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  1. That is the same equipment the Sokoto n the Nigerian Moslem umma has employed to sight the month, through a standing ulamas. Pls, if u dnt know ask, but don’t conclude.

  • Pls note that there is a distinction b/w the sighting and counting. A premature month has sm specified period to counted. Thought out might sound strange, but that is the position. Agboola. After sm prolonged period, the Ramadan month could reach full 30 days, just as this one, which also happened once, twice or thrice, I can’t remember precisely during the prophet Mohammad’s (AS) reign.

  • Authority must be from one source. If everybody could say he or she sight moon and go ahead to do his or her own fasting, it will lead to disorganisation and disunity in Islam. A group without a leader is like a sheep without Shepherd. It is like that all over the world in all Muslim community. Lunar calendar is not the same as the invented calendar we are used to. Moon appears so faintly on the first day of its appearance. That is the problem. It may appear and one may not see it. Besides, how many of us even look at the sky to see if moon has appeared apart from the spiritual leaders. It is only when moon has blossomed and lighted the dark night that we see it. Simply put Emir of Sokoto is given that religious position as the only one who can confirm the appearance of moon. No any other person. It is deliberate in order to avoid confusion.

  • If someone is not happy with the way we are respect our leaders. He should go and hug transformer. Islam is not a blindfolded religion we have guide institution that has been put in place to follow. We are not practice our religion how we wish or desire.

  • This peace you always talked about if you go round the world in any country that there’s chaos and insurgency Islam is responsible so tell me killing is an act of peace

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