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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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mazi abe’s side: I miss the election period and Facebook wahala

I MISS THE ELECTION PERIOD........ Aaaaaaaaah, I miss that last election period on Facebook o! I showed those GEJ supporters pepper, wallahi! Sometimes I will get into...

mazi abe’s side: TERRORISM – Saddam & Gaddafi: Should the West...

TERRORISM: Saddam & Gaddafi. WITH HINDSIGHT, SHOULD THE WEST HAVE KILLED THEM ? Yes, they were brutal dictators, but they understood the dynamics of their people...

mazi abe’s side: Joseph the dreamer

I dey for bus jejely, minding my own business. Then I received a text from Mòmò Fela. "Darling, where are you ? I dey bus H98. Day...