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Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Dino Melaye’s arrest destroys the sanctity of this chamber, senators say

There's been a rampage on Twitter, by the Nigerian Senate, in contempt of the way Dino Melaye was treated and embarrassed in public. They don't...

Apostu Suleman, Dino Melaye and Social Media PR, the devil’s workshop

"Fadalud! My shest! Lord, make it stop, make it stop Father" na so I dey para dey pray when I dey watch Mummy Lizzy...

Dino Melaye, don’t you have a Nepa Bill?

Nigeria, Nigerians, our hypocrisy, but majorly, our episodes of misdirected anger, will never cease to bemuse. The reaction(s) to this latest episode involving Dino...