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Damilola is quite fascinated by the workings of the human mind, he writes with a goal to build the mind of readers. He has written a number of unpublished short stories and poems, some can be found on his blog (jonathanoladeji.wordpress.com). He loves to create beautiful ideas through short stories and poems.
Verbal abuse

Verbal Abuse vs. Domestic Violence: Many Think These Are the Same.

We do a lot by comparing physical violence to verbal abuse, when they are not even the same. Abuse is anything that hurts you, either mentally, physically or emotionally, and is usually carried out by...
Communication Problems in Relationships

3 Common Communication Habits that Kill Relationships

One of the greatest relationship killers is lack of communication. If you are in a relationship where one party is unable to or afraid to say their mind, just know that you might be...
IGP Nigeria -Transmission

IGP and EFCC Chairman Viral Videos: Lessons on 2019 and the Leadership Nigeria Deserves

I once served in a government ministry. The head of my department then suddenly got appointed after a month of me serving temporarily as the only member of the Planning, Research and Statistics department. The...

How to Be Proud of Your Achievements without Losing Your Identity

There is a lady in my music team. She is so confident, that when she first started to make suggestions for us, I felt too intimidated. I also felt she was arrogant, until I...
Beyonce Knowles - Queen Bee

Hail Bey! Beyonce Knowles, the Redeemer Liveth!

Beyonce Knowles has done something outrageous?? No, in fact, in my opinion, she is a fascinating answer! So you wanted to know if God lives inside buildings built by men? Well, first know that Beyonce...
Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe Attacked Over Clamping Down on the Internet Fraud Culture in Nigeria

Unfortunately, Noble Igwe has become the next target of Yahoo boy’s advocates. In a series of tweets, he clamped down heavily on internet fraud, saying that people steal and then turn around to blame the...
Dino Melaye - Buhari - Abiola is not a Nigerian Citizen

Late MKO Abiola is NOT a Nigerian Citizen – Dino Melaye

The President, yet again, in what many still claim to be a bold political move, declared June 12 as Democracy Day, in respect of the Late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola. According to his speech, June...
Buhari and Trump

Be careful what you sign up for – lessons learnt from a terrible tenant

There was a devious tenant I worked with some years back. I just remembered him because of Buhari's picture with Trump. Only God knows what our President has signed for us. So this man came to...
Chimamanda Adichie-Hillary Clinton - TheNet.NG

Chimamanda Adichie fights AGAINST feminism in her recent Hillary Clinton interview

Many of us that are of the school of thought that people are not allowed to get upset or disappointed in our posts are the same ones defending Chimamanda Adichie for being an emotional...
Buhari - #LazyNigerianYouths

#LazyNigerianYouths: President Buhari Condemns Us at the Commonwealth Business Forum

Are people surprised that #LazyNigerianYouths is trending? It's not like this is the first time our President will call us names. In fact, if anything, down-talking Nigerian Youths has been one of his greatest...