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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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SENSE!: Sai Baba severs self from silly Social Media bill; spurs...

I never took this actually insipid and uncouth bill serious though. To me and many Nigerians who desire greatness for their country, the bill...

mazi abe’s side: I miss the election period and Facebook wahala

I MISS THE ELECTION PERIOD........ Aaaaaaaaah, I miss that last election period on Facebook o! I showed those GEJ supporters pepper, wallahi! Sometimes I will get into...

Ministerial Appointees get portfolios?

Ocholi as Justice, Fashola as Power?....hmmn Leak, breaking news, or surebanker?? Hmmn, we can authoritatively say we can't but deem this as speculation.....But, unconfirmed sources report...